911 tells rape victim “no cops available”; if only she had a gun

oregonPicture this for a moment.  You are a woman alone in your house.  You have an ex-boyfriend who has sexually assaulted you before and left you hospitalized for several weeks.  That ex-boyfriend is now outside your house threatening to break in, and you immediately jump on the horn and call 911.  Sounds like a bad night already, but it’s about to get even worse.

You explain the situation to the 911 dispatcher, and the dispatcher proceeds to tell you that there are no police available to respond to the incident and suggests that if your ex-boyfriend does break into your house, simply ask him to go away.  Sound like a made-up fairy tale that could never happen in the United States of America?

Unfortunately, this is not a hypothetical situation.  Due to supposed budget cuts, this happened to a woman in the state of Oregon.

The woman was sexually assaulted and choked that night…again.  Oregon State Police arrested her boyfriend following the incident.  In the state of Oregon, you’re quite literally left to fend for yourself as our government, once again, falls down on the job.  The state blames a federal subsidy that they no longer get for the cutbacks that took 23 police officers off of the streets.

Our nation continues to spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year in so-called “humanitarian aid” missions overseas, engages in countless and never-ending wars, wastes money on feel-good social programs – only to leave our own citizens literally fighting for their lives as our government insists on taking absolutely no responsibility for the services that all Americans pay taxes to enjoy.

If there were ever a reason to increase the responsible ownership of firearms, this is it.  The police cannot, and apparently will not, protect you in many areas of our nation.  If people are left to fend for themselves, then the people need to take advantage of their second amendment right to keep and bear arms – while we still have it.  A simple 6-shooter revolver could have saved this particular woman from another hospital visit at the hands of a maniac, and sadly, this is not an isolated incident, and guns have an important place in our society.  Defensive gun use is becoming more and more critical.

Forget the rape whistle, as suggested by one particularly clueless Colorado lawmaker.  Get a firearm.  Learn how to effectively use the firearm.  Protect yourselves, because our government has made it painfully clear, once again, that they have no intention of doing their job.

Feds to take in record amount of tax revenue in 2013

Despite claims that the rich are not “paying their fair share” and government spending that now exceeds the median income for all Americans, the federal government is projected to take in a record amount of revenue this year, exceeding the CBO’s estimates.  By the end of the fiscal year, the government is expected to confiscate from Americans a whopping $2.712 trillion in taxes.

The previous record was set in 2007 when the feds swam in more than $2.5 trillion.

The fear of crime is far more dangerous than crime itself

fear1It is tough to watch the evening news, read the papers, browse virtually any news-related web site or listen to career politicians these days and come away with any other impression than crime is on the increase.  The more consistent the story, the more likely the people are to believe it.

And naturally, when people fear crime, they are more apt to submit to government-mandated controls over the liberties and freedoms of the American people to combat the presumed violence.  It is true, the majority of people today believe that crime is on the increase.  According to a Gallop poll, 68% of those questioned believe that crime is worse today than a year ago.

It is not.  In fact, crime has steadily decreased since the mid 1990s.

It is not secret data.  The FBI routinely publishes crime numbers, and crime throughout the country is on the decrease.  In 2010, the FBI announced that crime nationally had dipped to a 40-year low.  In fact, not only has violent crime in general fallen, but violent crime in schools has decreased as well.  According to the government’s own numbers, crime has fallen a whopping 65% since 1993.

But, the wall-to-wall coverage of crime from our nation’s media and career politicians would certainly have you believe otherwise.  Gun control is hot, and politicians are taking advantage of highly publicized crimes to build the necessary fear among the population to encourage people to swallow increasing breaches of freedom.  If kids are afraid to go to school or walk the streets, government must do something.  Violence must stop, and according to President Obama, the government needs to act now.

Gallop PollBut according to its own numbers, it doesn’t.

“The fear of crime is ever-present, even when crime isn’t,” wrote Radley Balko in a Huffington Post report published last year.  “I’m sure the cable news obsession with sensational crime stories and the emergence of tragedy vultures like Nancy Grace have a lot to do with it. Long-developing trends like the crime drop by definition aren’t daily news. Crime is, even when it’s down.”

People’s fear of crime is a threat to their own liberty – nay, to all of our liberties as American citizens.  When people willingly give up freedoms under the guise of security, we quickly begin to tip the scales of freedom in favor of the state.  Public perception is a powerful tool and, when used carefully by authorities, can produce seriously threatening results for freedom-lovers of our great nation.

Staying vigilant and questioning the “official story” is the key to resisting the state’s clever ploy to remove more and more freedom from the American people.  The numbers are public.  The facts are known.  All the people have to do is look.  Stop believing everything that you are told.

The government and media know that emotions are what drive people, not their minds.  Bad news sells, and they know it.  Watch 10 minutes of the Sandy Hook massacre and your heart sinks straight out of your chest.  Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Gabriel Giffords shooting – all of these incidents are tragic.  Americans naturally get effected by them.  Any sane person would.

The problem is our political class is well aware of this, and these images are being used to pull once again at the emotions of the American people, and those same powerful emotions quickly subsume the human psyche.  It is the perfect mechanism to influence public opinion.  History clearly shows this, and unfortunately for freedom-loving people, when governments toy with the emotions of the people, rarely do the people benefit. The government, instead, benefits.

They always do.

Federal government raids legal CA marijuana dispensaries

In September, the federal government raided several California-based marijuana dispensaries and issued letters to dozens of others threatening the shops to comply with federal law, even though the shops are perfectly legal within the state.

The hell with state’s rights.  The federal government will stop at no law or regulation when it comes to enforcing regulations put in place by unaccountable career politicians.  Apparently to the Drug Enforcement Agency, a state’s ability to design their own set of laws for its own people takes second fiddle to the power of Washington D.C.  The feds have shut down more than 500 peaceful, legal dispensaries in the past couple of years.

Virtually unrestricted federal reign over legal state matters has no place in a free society.

Citizens in several states, including Colorado and Washington, voiced their discontent with Washington’s drug policy and voted in November to legalize the recreational use of pot.  17 states have already voted to legalize the medical use of the drug.  Federal law, however, prohibits the drug’s use in any circumstance.

In a land where the federal government rules, state’s rights be damned.

Sorry, but I cannot simply “get over” the destruction of my country

I am naturally drawn to bumper stickers.  Crowded or empty streets, day or night, I always seem to pick out and read the contents of bumper stickers on the backs of cars, and I have read some pretty interesting points of view plastered on bumpers.  But today, I read something downright disturbing: “He Won, Get Over It”.

What part should I get over, exactly?  Should I get over the fact that our president, wholehearted embraced by Communist Party USA, has put into place a systematic agenda of consolidated power and control into the hands of career politicians practically falling over themselves to spend the people’s money – and demonstrably lie, cheat and steal to do it?

Or, perhaps you would like me to get over the destruction of personal sovereignty at the hands of an expensive and perpetually wasteful government-run health care program and regulatory mess (Obamacare, of course)?  Maybe you would like me to get over government control over the course of business, the independent choices of the American people, over Barack Obama’s unmistakable disdain of freedom and liberty, of the most basic human rights that has stood as the fabric of this nation for centuries?

Okay, it might not be that.  Instead, maybe I should simply move on and get over the transparent cover-up of the Benghazi disaster and the death of innocent Americans in the region as this government purposely turned a blind eye.  Perhaps Americans should do to our government what Obama did to military leaders and an ambassador in the region during the attack: ignore them, pretend nothing is happening, and just get over it.  What is done is done.  It is over.

Oh, it’s over alright.  Worse, our president has no intention of hiding his dangerous agenda, but still, Americans gave this man another chance.  Another chance for what?  Maybe too many people ended up with an “Obama phone”.

I will not get over the destruction of American civilization as we know it at the hands of an unaccountable president and political class.  I will not get over the entrenchment of a recklessly corrupt government superstructure and the elimination of virtually any limit to government control over more and more of the lives of the American people.

No Constitution, no amount of legal restraint or the rule of law, will stand in the way of this administration and the goals of centralization of money, power and control in Washington D.C.

No, Mr. or Mrs. slave of the state.  I will not “get over it”.

French gov’t to suffer consequences of socialism

According to British newspaper The Telegraph, socialist-lead France is fast approaching a “full-blown hurricane” as punishing tax rates and disastrous government policies are forcing French businesses and investors scrambling to avoid the legalized confiscation of their wealth.

French bankruptcies have skyrocketed over the summer and, according to Laurence Parisot of the MEDEF group in France, consumer confidence in the economy is quickly dwindling.  Worse, the French government does not appear concerned, or even aware, of the gravity of the looming crisis.

A message to the U.S. government: learn from the mistakes of other nations.  Big government destroys incentives to invest and succeed and punishing taxes provide little in the way of long-term economic success for virtually any economy, especially one built  upon the principles of capitalism.


Budget Office predicts another year of $1t+ deficits

According to estimates from the Congressional Budget Office, the government will once again run deficits that exceed $1 trillion in 2012, this time reaching $1.1 trillion.  The economic future of this nation is “uncertain”, at best.

“CBO expects the economic recovery to continue at a modest pace for the remainder of calendar year 2012, with real (inflation-adjusted) GDP growing at an annual rate of about 2¼ percent in the second half of the year, compared with a rate of about 1¾ percent in the first half.”