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McAuliffe’s narrow victory is no gun control referendum

McAuliffe’s narrow victory is no gun control referendum

Anti-gunners across the nation are reveling in the victory of Terry McAuliffe in the hotly-contested Virginia Governor’s race with claims that McAuliffe’s “F” rating by the National Rifle Association indicates the American people are rejecting the so-called gun agenda. But in reality, the McAuliffe victory proves once again the powerful roll that money plays in

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Roger Stone will “probably” run for Florida governor

The infamous political consultant and “renowned infighter” – wrote the New York Times – Roger Stone will “probably” run for the position of governor in the state of Florida under the Libertarian Party ticket, arguing that the Republican Party is officially dead and cannot be resurrected. “I don’t have any illusions about winning, but I’d like


Libertarian officially enters Florida Governor’s race

Florida Libertarian Party Chairman Adrian Wyllie officially announced his bid to unseat current Florida Governor Rick Scott and challenge presumptive Democratic contender Charlie Crist last week in a campaign that the chairman promises will be focused on freedom, liberty and the Constitution. “I promise that, if elected, I will defend all Floridians from any unconstitutional Congressional