Poll finds new popularity among third parties

A new Gallup poll indicates that more Americans than ever recognize the need for a third party to threaten the political monopoly that Democrats and Republicans clearly represent in our country.

According to Gallup, 60% of those polled believe that the United States needs a third party – that is the highest percentage of Americans answering in the affirmative since the polling organization began asking the question 10-years ago.  The poll also found only a quarter of those surveyed believe the Democrats and Republicans are doing an adequate job at representing them in government.

Gallup Poll

While encouraged by the findings, it still remains unclear whether Americans will remember their disgust of Democrats and Republicans when it comes time to pull the lever in the next election cycle.  Historically, Americans have resisted electing anyone other than a Democrat or Republican at the polls, putting into question whether many in our nation are prepared to put their money with their mouth is and refuse to re-elect inferior incumbents.

Still, the poll gives comfort to third parties in the nation who hope to make some kind of impact in national elections.  The Libertarian Party is the largest third party in America, but continues to only win single-digit support in presidential elections.