Colorado school to allow gun-carrying teachers in classrooms

Teachers and GunsA small school district in rural northeastern Colorado will begin allowing teachers to carry concealed guns into their classrooms for the protection of their students, provided they attend regular weapons training and fire at least 100 practice rounds per month.

The school is located in Briggsdale, a small unincorporated Colorado town so rural that it takes at least 20 minutes for emergency vehicles to respond to 911 calls from the area.  School administrators believe the city’s relative distance from emergency services necessitates trained teachers packing heat.

“I don’t have a two-minute or minute-and-30 response time,” said the school district’s superintendent Rick Mondt to the Greeley Tribune. “That would be the only reason that I would think this would be somewhat of a necessity.”

“We wanted that increased awareness not only in the gun training and gun safety, but there’s also a really good component in the concealed carry training tied to the legal aspects and some of the challenges that will occur along with having a gun in their hand,” Mondt said.

The new policy will give trained teachers the power to confront deadly situations before police arrive, hopefully neutralizing the threat and ensuring the safety and security of students and staff almost immediately.

Arizona ranked best concealed carry state

download (1)Guns and Ammo magazine ranked Arizona the best state to carry a concealed weapon based on several factors, such as legal requirements to carry, application fees, and license reciprocity with other states.

Utah came in 9-points behind Arizona in second, followed by Wyoming, New Hampshire and Vermont rounding out the top 5.  Washington D.C., one of the nation’s worst areas for gun crime, came in dead last.

Arizona does not require a concealed carry license for state residents to own or carry a firearm – open or concealed.  The state’s licensing fees are among the lowest, as are the state’s training requirements before residents can obtain an optional handgun license.

Although well-publicized gun crimes have heightened the political atmosphere in favor of tightening gun laws, states have generally loosened restrictions on gun ownership over the past decade.

Earlier in the year, Guns and Ammo ranked Arizona as the best state for gun owners, citing the border state’s relaxed laws on ownership and the absence of any licensing requirements.  Once again, Washington D.C. brings up the rear with the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.

December 14th: Guns Save Lives Day in the USA

tdy-121217-littlest-victims-combo.TdyDoubleDecember 14th marks the first anniversary of the tragic Sandy Hook incident where a deranged man gunned down 26 innocent teachers and children in a “gun free” school in Newtown, Connecticut.  Defenseless and vulnerable, innocent lives were lost as Adam Lanza enjoyed several minutes of indiscriminate shooting into classrooms without any fear of being shot at. Continue reading

Gun control desperation sets in

Revolver-1-29H9TW5Y2P-800x600Gun Control groups are grasping at whatever faux straw is out there. Unfortunately the Navy Yard Shooting turned out to be a nightmare scenario for them. Let’s forget the fact that they jumped in the politicking bandwagon when they should have just express sorrow (or fake it which is more likely) and then wait at least till today to commence the Bravo Sierra. Continue reading