It’s official: Anti-gun groups oppose law-abiding gun ownership

gty_tsa_screeners_lax_jrs_120425_wgIt has been long argued by freedom-loving Americans that anti-gun groups from around the nation actively strive for civilian disarmament that disproportionately effects the law-abiding, and a recent statement from the Moms Demand Action group provides evidence that this argument is pretty accurate.

On November 1st, Moms Demand Action (the gift that keeps on giving the whole year) posted an official statement about the shooting at Los Angeles International Airport.  Of course, the statement calls on Congress to enact more laws to supposedly “fix” the problem of gun crime and implement a full ban on so-called “assault weapons” for civilians, a phrase that many out-spoken critics of gun ownership in American cannot intelligently define.

Within the statement, the group inadvertently reveals the true nature of their involvement in the gun debate.  In their attempt to prove that the “gun lobby” wants more guns everywhere, the statement includes the following text:

Despite these tragedies and increased gun danger at American airports, the gun lobby continues to fight to make it easier to carry loaded guns inside airports. For example, the gun lobby advocated for the new policy that makes it legal for permit-holding gun owners to bring loaded weapons into the Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta, one of the busiest airports in the world.

This statement is a point-blank attack on law-abiding gun freedom in the United States of America, something that most anti-gun groups claim to support.  Here, Moms Demand Action takes issue with permit-holding gun owners bringing loaded weapons into the Atlanta Airport.

Read that again: permit-holding gun owners.  Permit-holding gun owners are not criminals – that’s why they hold a valid state gun permit.

Many states already provide permit-holding gun owners more carrying freedom, without cause for alarm.  Arizona, for example, allows permit-holding gun owners to carry guns into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol provided the gun owner does not drink.  The AZ permit also allows gun owners to carry guns in some state parks, all national parks and within 1,000 feet of schools (when was the last time you heard about a school shooting in Arizona?).

The LAX shooting proves that criminals will ignore the law.  But Moms Demand Action actively supports restricting law-abiding gun freedom in the United States of America, and this official statement proves it.  Why would anyone want law-abiding gun owners to bring loaded weapons everywhere they go?  To protect themselves, and others, from the Paul Ciancia’s of the world (LAX shooting), from the Major Hasan’s (Ft. Hood shooting), from the Aaron Alexis’ (Washington Navy Yard shooting) and from the Adam Lanza’s (Newtown, CT shooting).

I call on Moms Demand Action to start putting their money where their [loud] mouth is.  If they truly feel like gun crime is a problem in the country, then start fighting criminals and stop fighting the law-abiding.  Their rhetoric is fooling no one, and the damning truth of their real agenda is not difficult to figure out.  It is even easier to see when groups like this publicize their disgust for law-abiding gun freedom.

The assumption is as clear as it is frightening: this group treats law-abiding people as if they were criminals.

Congratulations, Moms Demand Action – you ARE the problem.

Arizona ranked best concealed carry state

download (1)Guns and Ammo magazine ranked Arizona the best state to carry a concealed weapon based on several factors, such as legal requirements to carry, application fees, and license reciprocity with other states.

Utah came in 9-points behind Arizona in second, followed by Wyoming, New Hampshire and Vermont rounding out the top 5.  Washington D.C., one of the nation’s worst areas for gun crime, came in dead last.

Arizona does not require a concealed carry license for state residents to own or carry a firearm – open or concealed.  The state’s licensing fees are among the lowest, as are the state’s training requirements before residents can obtain an optional handgun license.

Although well-publicized gun crimes have heightened the political atmosphere in favor of tightening gun laws, states have generally loosened restrictions on gun ownership over the past decade.

Earlier in the year, Guns and Ammo ranked Arizona as the best state for gun owners, citing the border state’s relaxed laws on ownership and the absence of any licensing requirements.  Once again, Washington D.C. brings up the rear with the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.

Zero tolerance gun rules destroy the fabric of society

gty_guns_children_lpl_130206_wgDo you remember a time where a game of “cops and robbers” during school recess was treated as innocently as it was meant to be?  If you are elementary school student Jordan Bennett, you don’t.  Bennett was suspended from school for a day after playing that deadly game in the school yard, which included the 8-year old forming his hand into the shape of a gun.  The boy’s mother is fighting the suspension, but the damage has already been done. Continue reading

The benefits to concealed carry permits in any state

correctccwpermitAlthough the Constitution’s 2nd amendment gives all Americans the right to keep and bear arms, each state has assumed the responsibility to restrict firearm ownership – to starkly varying degrees.  The state of New York, for example, has recently clamped down on personal firearm ownership with several new restrictions, while states like Arizona and Alaska maintain “Constitutional Carry” gun laws that allow anyone to carry, openly or concealed, without a state license.  But even in these more free states, there are several benefits to state-issued concealed carry firearm licenses.

Some states are more permissive than others regarding their firearm laws.  State licensing is broken down into three main categories: Unrestricted, Shall Issue and May Issue.

  • Unrestricted states allow residents to carry weapons without any permit – like Arizona, Alaska and Utah.  So long as you have state identification (a driver’s license), you can buy any number of guns in the state.
  • Shall Issue states require residents to obtain a firearm license before they can carry a weapon, but the state will always issue the license unless the background check or other state-based criteria is not met.  The resident does not have to show “good cause” or obtain the signature of law enforcement before applying for a state gun license.  Florida, George and Idaho are examples of Shall Issue states.
  • May Issue states are the toughest to obtain licenses in and requires residents to convince the state that they need a firearm and often requires the signature of local law enforcement before licenses are issued.  Unfortunately, using “self defense” is generally not enough “good cause” for the state to issue a license in these states. Examples of May Issue states include Hawaii, Massachusetts and many areas of California.

Below, we will take a look at the 5 biggest benefits to carrying a license regardless of the kind of state that you live in.  Unrestricted states still offer licenses for those who wish to apply, and those licenses provide advantages to firearm owners.

1. Licenses put police officers at ease

Many firearm owners carry a weapon in their vehicle(s) for protection while on the roadways and around town.  Get pulled over by a police officer and he or she may ask if you have a firearm in your car.  Answer truthfully.  In unrestricted firearm states, the police officer cannot lawfully confiscate the gun from you, but the presence of a firearm can effect the traffic stop because the officer is unaware of your criminal history.  Showing the officer a concealed carry permit means that you have undergone the background checks necessary to make the state reasonably believe that you are a law-abiding citizen and are trustworthy enough to carry firearms.  If you are pulled over with a gun in the car and have a concealed license, consider giving the officer both your driver’s license and your concealed carry license together, immediately putting to bed any concern the officer may have over your firearm.

2. Licenses help when openly carrying around uninformed people

Many firearm owners openly carry where laws allow for it.  While open carry is a perfectly legitimate way to carry a firearm, it may also arouse suspicion among people who are generally uninformed about firearms and afraid when they see one.  They may call the police and report the fact that you are carrying a weapon, and police departments are obligated to respond to the incident and start asking questions.  So long as the laws allow for open carry and no other laws are being broken, the firearm owner will be okay.  However, displaying a concealed carry license to the officer is an extra level of protection against aggressive law enforcement that may want to give you trouble for openly carrying a weapon.  Effectively, the concealed carry license tells the officer “back off, I’m good”.

3. Licenses allow firearm owners to carry in more public areas

Many states that do not require licenses to own and carry firearms still restrict where owners can carry their firearms – like schools, courthouses, national parks and restaurants.  For example, the state of Arizona allows concealed carry license holders to possess weapons within 1000 feet of schools.  Without a license, however, such possession is unlawful.  Arizona also allows license holders to carry firearms into bars and other restaurants that serve alcohol, so long as the firearm owner is not consuming alcohol.  Unlicensed firearm owners, however, cannot legally possess firearms in these establishments. Consult your local state’s concealed carry laws for specifics on your state’s licensing details.

4. Licenses educate firearm owners on laws that could save their lives

The process to obtain state concealed carry licenses is more than a simple background check and proficiency test (in some states).  Typically, those interested in a license will go to an 8-hour class where experienced instructors will not only teach what licenses provide for state residents, but also the laws of the state and when deadly force can be used.  For example, is shooting at a fleeing carjacker considered “self defense” in your state and an appropriate situation in which to use deadly force?  In Arizona (and most other states), it isn’t – because the carjacker is no longer threatening your life or property.  Is unholstering your weapon considered “brandishing” and punishable under the law?  The concealed carry license class will teach you what you need to know to keep yourself out of jail if you ever need to use your weapon in a defensive situation.  Know your laws.

5. Licenses make it easier to buy firearms

All states require simple background checks each and every time a weapon is purchased due to the laws and regulations of the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms).  However, several states, including Arizona, wave the background check requirement if the purchaser has a concealed carry license.  States do this because the holder of the license has already undergone the required background check in the process of obtaining the license.  This makes your next trip to the gun store smoother and quicker.  You will still need to fill out some paperwork, but waiting for a background check may no longer be required.  Again, consult your state’s regulations for specific details on how a license effects your next gun purchase in your state.

In closing, if your state requires the possession of a concealed carry license before owning and carrying a firearm, then you will need one to lawfully carry your weapon anyway.  But if your state does not require a license, still consider getting one.  As we have discussed, licenses include many benefits that can both keep firearm owners safe and more trustworthy around police and teach the laws of the state and what you need to know to keep yourself out of jail.