Hospitals refusing to accept Obamacare patients

GTY_hospital_lpl_130822_16x9_992Americans who expect to take advantage of high-cost healthcare services may be in for a surprise as many hospitals are refusing to accept Obamacare insurance, according to a new report from  Most hospitals, the report cites, will only accept Obamacare from one or two insurance providers.

Worse, insurance bought privately outside of Obamacare would have been honored.  “For example, fourth-ranked Cleveland Clinic accepts dozens of insurance plans if you buy one on your own. But go through Obamacare and you have just one choice: Medical Mutual of Ohio.”

The problem is Obamacare’s cap on premiums has prompted many insurance companies to significantly limit reimbursement to doctors.  More and more hospitals are beginning to refuse heavily used and risky Obamacare plans that were purchased within the healthcare “marketplace” due to fears that policyholders simply cannot afford expensive medical services.

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Health care ruling re-defines American life

Yesterday’s ruling by the Supreme Court that allows the U.S. government to essentially compel the American people to engage in commerce via a tax fundamentally changes the American concept of freedom and individual liberty.  It short, it radically destroys it.

George Will said it best when he wrote, “The health care legislation’s expansion of the federal government’s purview has improved our civic health by rekindling interest in what this expansion threatens – the Framers’ design for limited government.”

To be clear, Obamacare was cleverly designed.  The bill essentially forces people into obtaining health insurance in some way and penalizes those who don’t with a tax that is to be collected by the IRS. Because the concept of taxation is constitutional, this mandate then — collected by the “constitutional” IRS — is therefore permitted to stand. To the Supreme Court, so long as the mechanism to collect is constitutional, so is the dictate. To me that’s nonsense, but I’m also not a judge on the Supreme Court.

Even if you believe that the government has the right and obligation to force people into commerce (via a tax or otherwise), nobody has reasonably made the argument that Obamacare somehow reduces the size of government or limits government authority. Of course it doesn’t. I’m afraid that all the Revolutionary War did was enable us to replace a tyrannical government abroad with one right here at home. Compulsory commerce in this country? This is flat unreal.

The court did find, however, that the individual mandate of Obamacare did not pass constitutional muster using Congress’s ability to regulate interstate commerce.  The Supremes found that the Commerce clause relies on commercial activity to pre-exist before it can be regulated.  Obamacare “compels individuals to become active” in commerce, and therefore, does not apply under the Commerce clause.  Although the court found a way to constitutionally-rationalize the individual mandate using the pretext of a “tax”, at the very least, we found that limitations still do exist within this abused portion of the Constitution.

We know from history that any time the federal government meddles in the affairs of the people, costs rise.  Bureaucracy skyrockets. Confusion mounts. Health care will be no exception. Most of it doesn’t take place until 2014, so it gives the people time to make any adjustments necessary as the working population of this country bend over once again to take it up the rear in support of yet another social program.