Improper controls cause hundreds of millions in payments

According to public numbers, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid paid more than $125 million for treatment of thousands of our nation’s prison inmates and illegal aliens between the years 2009 and 2011, a cost that could have been prevented if proper controls were in place.

“The federal government is generally prohibited from providing Medicare services to incarcerated individuals or aliens who are unlawfully present in the country under the Social Security Act,” reported the Washington Free Beacon.  “But CMS’s screening methods were not able to detect and recoup payments that violated the Act.”

Had the controls been in place, much of the improper payments could have been prevented.  Instead, government bureaucracy fails again, costing the American taxpayer millions.

According to the Free Beacon report, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid launched a nearly $80 million plan to improve their computer systems.  The center claims the new system saved over $100 million in 2012 alone.