Before you insult Libertarians, at least try to understand them

Let’s be clear – I don’t expect everyone to be a Libertarian.  Just because so many of our founding fathers exhibited Libertarian principles that many of us continue to fight for today, I still do not expect everyone to climb on-board the solution-wagon and ride away into the sunset.  But, I would at least hope that those who oppose Libertarianism would do the rest of us a favor and actually understand it before criticizing it. Continue reading

I was a Libertarian before it was cool

This is the Libertarian Party’s moment to shine.  Corruption has reached an all-time high in Washington D.C. and the American people are rightly becoming more and more suspect of their elected government officials.  From the Benghazi cover-up to the IRS scandal, from gun running (Fast and Furious) to the Associated Press privacy fiasco, the government is clearly out of control and the evidence is in plain sight.

This is nothing new.  This is what governments do when the people grant them virtually unchecked power.  Why does it take public scandal before Americans finally wake up to what’s been going on under their noses for decades?

And the people of our nation, once again, are left footing the bill.  The American people have a reason to start looking elsewhere for their political leadership – as they always have.  Will this mean the majority of Republicans and Democrats will jump ship to the Libertarians?  Of course not.  And honestly, they don’t need to.  The Libertarian movement has always been around and always will be.  We are willing to accept anyone to the side of freedom and liberty.

But if Americans truly want change in their country, it is imperative that they finally stop believing that it is their job to vote for the lesser of two evils because, as all Americans plainly see, evil is still evil however you slice it.  Your party affiliation does not matter as much as your votes do.  Vote for freedom and start experiencing everything that this great nation has to offer.  Or, continuing vote for evil, and our government will forever remain…evil.

I am a damn proud Libertarian.  I am a Libertarian because I have two eyes, both in working order.  I cringe when I look at my paycheck every two weeks and see the money being confiscated from me.  I see our government’s never-ending drive to disarm the American people and throw away parts of the Constitution.  I see the federal government running up deficits and asking Americans to cut back and spend responsibly even when our own politicians would never dream of using the same philosophy with our money at the national level.

Benghazi made it cool again to be a Libertarian, but it should not take major public scandals to wake the population up to the systematic failures of their own government.  It should not take the loss of freedom before Americans begin to love freedom.  But it does.

Roger Stone will “probably” run for Florida governor

images (1)The infamous political consultant and “renowned infighter” – wrote the New York Times – Roger Stone will “probably” run for the position of governor in the state of Florida under the Libertarian Party ticket, arguing that the Republican Party is officially dead and cannot be resurrected.

“I don’t have any illusions about winning, but I’d like to carry the flag for the liberty movement,” Stone told National Review. “The Republican party is dead and it can’t be revived, so it’s time for the Libertarian party to be a force.”

Stone said he would make a final decision later in the year as he asks statewide Libertarians for their support leading up to the 2014 election cycle.

Describing his future campaign strategy, “It’s going to be like Bill Buckley’s mayoral run in 1965. I’m going to have a lot of fun with this campaign. It’s going to get people’s attention.”

Stone worked as an adviser to Gary Johnson in the 2012 presidential elections and is known for his outgoing and “flamboyant” personality.  Previously, Stone worked in the presidential campaigns of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp.

Libertarian round-up: party expands, candidates set to increase

1000px-Libertarian_Party.svg_Over the last week (and a couple days), the Libertarian party has seen encouraging news that party members have not given up the goal of unseating the two-party system.  In fact, numbers show significant grow in party members and potential political candidates.

Libertarian Adrian Wyllie to run for Florida Governor

As reported earlier, Chairman of the Florida Libertarian party officially announced his bid to unseat current Governor Rick Scott in the state of Florida.  Wyllie promises his campaign will focus on issues of individual liberty and freedom from government control and intrusive state policies that infringe on state resident’s constitutional rights.  “We’ve tried Coke. We’ve tried Pepsi.  It’s time for some pure spring water called liberty.  That’s what I’m offering,” Wyllie said.

Libertarians gain official status in Pennsylvania

Although Libertarian Betsy Summers lost her bid to become the state’s auditor general, she – along with other Libertarian candidates – managed to pull in the required 2% of the vote in November to be officially recognized as a Pennsylvania state “minor” political party rather than simply a political” body” through the 2014 election cycle.

Libertarian party candidate requests expanding nationwide

Each year, the Libertarian party tracks the number of requests received from those who wish to run in local elections under the Libertarian party ticket.  Since the November elections, the party has received 370 requests, which amounts to more than twice the number received in 2008 and 2010, according to Libertarian Party Executive Director Carla Howell.  At this pace, the party may receive over 1,100 requests by year’s end.  “2012 was a great year for Libertarian Party candidates. And a great year for liberty,” remarked Howell.  The Libertarian party is preparing to double the number of party candidates by the 2014 elections.

Libertarians lead fight to ease gun restrictions in Kansas

Several cities in Kansas implemented more stringent gun control measures than those enforced by the state with severe “open carry” restrictions.  However, thanks to efforts lead by the Libertarian party within the state, cities have begun modifying their open carry laws so they fall in line with that of the state, which currently allows residents to carry openly.  The Libertarian party will begin discussions with three more cities next week and has filed a lawsuit against three other cities that have refused to modify their open carry laws.  “People are identifying the Libertarian Party as one of the authorities when it comes to Second Amendment issues in Kansas,” said Al Terwelp, Kansas Libertarian party chair.

Libertarian party started a petition to end dangerous “gun-free zones”

Available at, the Libertarian party has started an online petition to elicit support to end all so-called gun-free zones in the United States, citing several examples of where gun crimes were halted due to law-abiding citizens who carry firearms.

Libertarian officially enters Florida Governor’s race

adrian-300x200Florida Libertarian Party Chairman Adrian Wyllie officially announced his bid to unseat current Florida Governor Rick Scott and challenge presumptive Democratic contender Charlie Crist last week in a campaign that the chairman promises will be focused on freedom, liberty and the Constitution.

“I promise that, if elected, I will defend all Floridians from any unconstitutional Congressional act, executive order or United Nations mandate,” said Wyllie.  Although he admits his candidacy is a long shot, Wyllie believes Floridians are growing tired of the two-party system and are looking for a change.

“Our debt is unsustainable, our currency is becoming worth less every day. The Tea Party says the government is to blame. The occupy movement says the bankers are to blame.”  Wyllie thinks they are both right.  “We’ve tried Coke. We’ve tried Pepsi.  It’s time for some pure spring water called liberty.  That’s what I’m offering.”

The 42-year-old Florida native was elected Chairman of the Florida Libertarian party in 2011 after serving as the media director in 2010 for Libertarian Senate candidate Alexander Snitker.  Wyllie and Snitker partnered in 2010 in the formation of the “1787 Network”, a radio program that airs on several AM radio stations in eight states, including Florida.

Wyllie is also well-known for encouraging Florida law enforcement to arrest any TSA agent that violates either the United States or Florida Constitutions in their screening of passengers in airports.

Visit Wyllie’s Facebook page to follow his candidacy.

Glenn Beck to turn his media outlet into Libertarian source?

glenn-beckFormer Fox News anchor and commentator Glenn Beck has promised to turn his media operation, The Blaze, into a Libertarian-focused outlet that refuses to feature a bunch of Democrats and Republicans arguing with each other for 60 minutes, as plainly evident on most cable news channels.

Beck plans to open three foreign bureaus, relocate his New York staff to new offices and broadcast a nightly news program, called “For The Record”, that features stories that traditional media outlets “don’t have the balls” to cover.  Beck promises to spare no expense in producing the program.

Beck, who claims to be more like Libertarian Penn Jillette (from Penn and Teller) than Chuck Hagel, will use his network to produce documentaries that cover stories from a Libertarian’s point of view using his own team of investigative journalists.

Beck’s network originally began online, allowing viewers to watch videos on their computers.  Dish Network picked up his content and began airing it to its subscribers, and Beck is attempting to acquire another network to expand his viewing audience.

I, for one, will be keenly interested in just how “Libertarian” his news outlet stays.

A vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama? How?

Popular wisdom seems to indicate that when votes are placed for a Libertarian or other third party candidate, that essentially counts as a vote for the Democratic contender.  Unfortunately, not only is that logically untrue, it is mathematically untrue as well.

The only way to vote for a candidate is to – you guessed it – placing your vote for that candidate.  Voting for a third party is not the same as voting for one of the “Big Two” political parties.  The real argument is that a vote for a third party will not directly cancel out a vote for the “other” major political party.  That is an accurate representation of the issue, but slaves to the two-party system refuse to accept it.  The fundamental ignorance and collective lie being perpetrated by these empty talking heads stands as a perfect example of why our country has maintained the two-party abyss that we find our nation in.  Advancing a purposeful untruth does not effect political reality.  It never has.