Networks blame shutdown on Republicans over Democrats, 41-0

Not many Americans would accuse our major media outlets (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC) of true unbiased reporting of the facts in our nation.  But according to a new Media Research Center report, these networks are no longer putting forth the effort to even appear fair and balanced.


Over the two week government shutdown, the Media Research Center observed its reporting by the major news networks.  Out of 124 stories about the shutdown, Republicans were blamed 41 times.  Compare that to only 17 blames for both parties and ZERO specifically blamed Democrats.  Not a one.

“Network reporters and anchors repeatedly instructed their audiences to blame Tea Party extremism for the consequences of the shutdown,” the report said.

Sound bites aired on major networks from those furloughed found a 6 to 1 bias in favor of Democrats to Republicans, although the majority of the negativity was directed towards Washington D.C. in general – and appropriately so.  “On October 1, for example, ABC’s World News used a man on the street to spank conservatives: “I think the whole ‘holding the government hostage of ObamaCare’ is just ridiculous.” The next night, the same network featured a woman scolding: “It’s a crime and most of it is the Tea Party.””

Networks cited a clear implication that Republicans were not only responsible for the shutdown itself, but also for the negative consequences resulting from it.   “During the first 15 days of October, the network evening newscasts highlighted 127 examples of ways the shutdown was hurting Americans — from closed national parks and furloughed workers, to children denied medical treatment for life-threatening illnesses and the suspension of death benefits for the families of U.S. soldiers and Marines killed in Afghanistan.”

Of course, networks drew a very direct line between the shutdown’s consequences with those whom they believe are responsible.  “All kinds of people are getting cheated out of salaries, benefits, medical treatment,” Brian Williams said on an October 8th airing of the Nightly News.

“Virtually absent from the coverage was any questioning of the Obama administration’s tactics in implementing the shutdown. Eight stories talked about the barricading of the open-air World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., a site that is normally accessible 24 hours a day. None of the networks questioned why that particular memorial needed to be barricaded.”

The truth of the matter is both parties are ultimately responsible for not just the government shutdown, but for historically low congressional approval numbers.  The only question that remains is whether or not the American people are fed up enough to stop re-electing the same group of unaccountable, reckless politicians into office once again, setting themselves up for another 4 years of near constant disapproval.

The fear of crime is far more dangerous than crime itself

fear1It is tough to watch the evening news, read the papers, browse virtually any news-related web site or listen to career politicians these days and come away with any other impression than crime is on the increase.  The more consistent the story, the more likely the people are to believe it.

And naturally, when people fear crime, they are more apt to submit to government-mandated controls over the liberties and freedoms of the American people to combat the presumed violence.  It is true, the majority of people today believe that crime is on the increase.  According to a Gallop poll, 68% of those questioned believe that crime is worse today than a year ago.

It is not.  In fact, crime has steadily decreased since the mid 1990s.

It is not secret data.  The FBI routinely publishes crime numbers, and crime throughout the country is on the decrease.  In 2010, the FBI announced that crime nationally had dipped to a 40-year low.  In fact, not only has violent crime in general fallen, but violent crime in schools has decreased as well.  According to the government’s own numbers, crime has fallen a whopping 65% since 1993.

But, the wall-to-wall coverage of crime from our nation’s media and career politicians would certainly have you believe otherwise.  Gun control is hot, and politicians are taking advantage of highly publicized crimes to build the necessary fear among the population to encourage people to swallow increasing breaches of freedom.  If kids are afraid to go to school or walk the streets, government must do something.  Violence must stop, and according to President Obama, the government needs to act now.

Gallop PollBut according to its own numbers, it doesn’t.

“The fear of crime is ever-present, even when crime isn’t,” wrote Radley Balko in a Huffington Post report published last year.  “I’m sure the cable news obsession with sensational crime stories and the emergence of tragedy vultures like Nancy Grace have a lot to do with it. Long-developing trends like the crime drop by definition aren’t daily news. Crime is, even when it’s down.”

People’s fear of crime is a threat to their own liberty – nay, to all of our liberties as American citizens.  When people willingly give up freedoms under the guise of security, we quickly begin to tip the scales of freedom in favor of the state.  Public perception is a powerful tool and, when used carefully by authorities, can produce seriously threatening results for freedom-lovers of our great nation.

Staying vigilant and questioning the “official story” is the key to resisting the state’s clever ploy to remove more and more freedom from the American people.  The numbers are public.  The facts are known.  All the people have to do is look.  Stop believing everything that you are told.

The government and media know that emotions are what drive people, not their minds.  Bad news sells, and they know it.  Watch 10 minutes of the Sandy Hook massacre and your heart sinks straight out of your chest.  Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Gabriel Giffords shooting – all of these incidents are tragic.  Americans naturally get effected by them.  Any sane person would.

The problem is our political class is well aware of this, and these images are being used to pull once again at the emotions of the American people, and those same powerful emotions quickly subsume the human psyche.  It is the perfect mechanism to influence public opinion.  History clearly shows this, and unfortunately for freedom-loving people, when governments toy with the emotions of the people, rarely do the people benefit. The government, instead, benefits.

They always do.

Glenn Beck to turn his media outlet into Libertarian source?

glenn-beckFormer Fox News anchor and commentator Glenn Beck has promised to turn his media operation, The Blaze, into a Libertarian-focused outlet that refuses to feature a bunch of Democrats and Republicans arguing with each other for 60 minutes, as plainly evident on most cable news channels.

Beck plans to open three foreign bureaus, relocate his New York staff to new offices and broadcast a nightly news program, called “For The Record”, that features stories that traditional media outlets “don’t have the balls” to cover.  Beck promises to spare no expense in producing the program.

Beck, who claims to be more like Libertarian Penn Jillette (from Penn and Teller) than Chuck Hagel, will use his network to produce documentaries that cover stories from a Libertarian’s point of view using his own team of investigative journalists.

Beck’s network originally began online, allowing viewers to watch videos on their computers.  Dish Network picked up his content and began airing it to its subscribers, and Beck is attempting to acquire another network to expand his viewing audience.

I, for one, will be keenly interested in just how “Libertarian” his news outlet stays.