Obama to delay enforcement of Obamacare mandate

The Obama Administration will delay enforcement of key provisions of the wildly unpopular “Affordable Care Act”, known as Obamacare, until 2015 in response to mountains of complaints from companies nationwide regarding its strict reporting requirements and coverage demands.  For the next two years, businesses will not be punished if they do not provide health care coverage under the tenants of the new law.

According to officials, the delay is to help the administration simplify reporting requirements.  Not so coincidentally, delaying the law’s enforcement until 2015 also allows mid-term elections to proceed without the burden of democratic politicians defending the law and its ramifications to businesses and employment in key battleground states.

The law hits smaller businesses the most.  It requires that businesses with more than 50 employees provide health coverage based on a series of eligibility requirements.  The corruption-prove Internal Revenue Service has been tasked with the implementation of the law, demanding that businesses submit substantial paperwork to satisfy the new regulations.