Regal theaters newest casualty of ObamaCare

Regal Entertainment Group, the company that owns and operates the largest chain of movie theaters in the nation, announced to its workforce that it will be cutting back the hours of thousands of workers in response to the new standards set by ObamaCare and how the new health legislation defines a full time worker.

Due to the increase costs of complying with ObamaCare, the company wrote in a letter to be distributed to those effected, employees will be “scheduled in accord with business needs and in a manner that will not negatively impact our health care budget”.  In other words, hours will be cut back to 30 in order to put them under the new threshold established by the federal government that now requires companies to provide health coverage.

Once again, government regulations end up costing the American people.  Ironically, ObamaCare actually targets lower-income workers because, as hourly employees, it is this workforce that naturally feels the largest burden of working hour cutbacks.  Big government strikes again, and the American people are left shouldering the burden.

Which part of Obamacare do bumper sticker supporters love most?

obamacare21After the passage of Obama’s War on Health three years ago – otherwise known, laughably, as the “Affordable Care Act” – cute little “I [heart] Obamacare” bumper stickers have floated around communities throughout the United States as a way for people to pledge their support for rising costs of healthcare.  But inquiring minds want to know…which part of Obamacare do they love the most?

Do they love the fact that this law is forcing employers to cut the hours of unskilled workers so they fall below the threshold of “full time”, or cutting back on hiring because of the increasing costs of healthcare?  Part-time workers have increased by almost 20% in the last three years alone.  Coincidence?

Or maybe they love the planned layoffs that the costs associated with these new healthcare regulations are prompting many smaller businesses to consider as they cope with the known – and unknown – burdens of Obamacare?

They may love the fact that the younger and healthier population will be raked over the coals as Obamacare gets fully implemented, losing access to their low cost plans of today in favor of more expensive policies of tomorrow – as reported by the Huffington Post (yes, THAT Huffington Post).

Perhaps they love the wholesale increase in premiums and fees that are associated with Obamacare, like the premium tax now paid by insurers (and passed on to their customers, of course)?  Some estimates put the increase in premiums at a whopping 169% and, according to Forbes Magazine, an average of $3,065 per person.

obamacare-taxesBut maybe that’s not it.  I bet they love the fact that Obamacare will add another $6.2 trillion to our nation’s deficits over the coming decades, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Closely related, maybe it warms their hearts to know that the true cost of Obamacare is a whopping $233 billion MORE than the government advertised when the legislation was signed into law?

It is possible that lovers of Obamacare enjoy bureaucracy.  According to the Associated Press, applying for coverage and benefits under Obamacare is as complex as doing your taxes and requires a 21-page form to be filled out and submitted.

Another possibility is those who support Obamacare find hope in a recent survey that found 60% of U.S. doctors, due to Obamacare, are far less optimistic about the future of medicine and healthcare in the United States.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “The congressional Democrats who crafted the legislation ignored virtually every actuarial principle governing rational insurance pricing”.  Do bumper sticker supporters of Obamacare love that part, too?

Now that is true love.

CBO: 7 million to lose health insurance under Obamacare

Article Highlights

  • Obamacare to cost 7 million people insurance coverage
  • Businesses struggle to keep up with new regulations
  • Obamacare to cost taxpayers $1.165 trillion over 10 years

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the costs required to meet the demands of Obamacare will cost 7 million people their insurance coverage as companies struggle to sift through the new law.  This was twice the original estimate.

“CBO said that this year’s tax cuts have changed the incentives for businesses and made it less attractive to pay for insurance, meaning fewer will decide to do so,” wrote the Washington Times.  “Instead, they’ll choose to pay a penalty to the government, totaling $13 billion in higher fees over the next decade.”

Over the next 10 years, the new healthcare law will cost the government an estimated $1.165 trillion.

This comes as several governors, who had previously vowed to oppose the new government mandate, caved to federal pressure and promises of money.  Ohio governor John Kasich now supports the measure in his state, along with governor Jan Brewer of Arizona.  According to Kasich, his reason to now support the law was to avoid “leaving Ohioans’ federal tax dollars on the table and keeps the federal government from simply giving them away to other states.”

Free money.

$1 trillion in new Healthcare taxes hits Americans Jan 1st

Among the wide ranging new regulations, taxes and costs associated with Obamacare, a portion of its effect hit Americans today in the form of twenty new or higher taxes.  Highlighted below are some of the more devastating increases to the tax burdens of typical Americans.

Starting today, a new 2.3% tax will hit medical device manufactures.  “In addition to killing small business jobs and impacting research and development budgets, this will increase the cost of your health care – making everything from pacemakers to artificial hips more expensive,” wrote the Americans for Tax Reform organization.

Americans who enjoy a Flexible Spending Account to help pay for basic healthcare items will now face a new $2500 per year federal cap on expenses.  No cap on FSA spending was enforced at the federal level last year, although employers typically enforced their own spending caps (~$2500 for individuals and ~$4000 for families).

Last year, Americans were allowed to deduct from their taxes medical expenses that exceeded 7.5% of their Adjusted Gross Income, or AGI.  Today, that deduction threshold has been increased to 10%, requiring Americans to pay more for medical expenses before deductions can be made.

Lastly, Americans earning more than $200,000 annually (or $250,000 for married couples) will see a 3.8% increase in Medicare taxes, which will directly effect self-employed workers and small business owners in the United States.

Once again, Americans who already pay the majority of federal income taxes will shoulder the majority of the new burdens imposed on Americans for “cheaper” healthcare under the new Obamacare law.

Health care ruling re-defines American life

Yesterday’s ruling by the Supreme Court that allows the U.S. government to essentially compel the American people to engage in commerce via a tax fundamentally changes the American concept of freedom and individual liberty.  It short, it radically destroys it.

George Will said it best when he wrote, “The health care legislation’s expansion of the federal government’s purview has improved our civic health by rekindling interest in what this expansion threatens – the Framers’ design for limited government.”

To be clear, Obamacare was cleverly designed.  The bill essentially forces people into obtaining health insurance in some way and penalizes those who don’t with a tax that is to be collected by the IRS. Because the concept of taxation is constitutional, this mandate then — collected by the “constitutional” IRS — is therefore permitted to stand. To the Supreme Court, so long as the mechanism to collect is constitutional, so is the dictate. To me that’s nonsense, but I’m also not a judge on the Supreme Court.

Even if you believe that the government has the right and obligation to force people into commerce (via a tax or otherwise), nobody has reasonably made the argument that Obamacare somehow reduces the size of government or limits government authority. Of course it doesn’t. I’m afraid that all the Revolutionary War did was enable us to replace a tyrannical government abroad with one right here at home. Compulsory commerce in this country? This is flat unreal.

The court did find, however, that the individual mandate of Obamacare did not pass constitutional muster using Congress’s ability to regulate interstate commerce.  The Supremes found that the Commerce clause relies on commercial activity to pre-exist before it can be regulated.  Obamacare “compels individuals to become active” in commerce, and therefore, does not apply under the Commerce clause.  Although the court found a way to constitutionally-rationalize the individual mandate using the pretext of a “tax”, at the very least, we found that limitations still do exist within this abused portion of the Constitution.

We know from history that any time the federal government meddles in the affairs of the people, costs rise.  Bureaucracy skyrockets. Confusion mounts. Health care will be no exception. Most of it doesn’t take place until 2014, so it gives the people time to make any adjustments necessary as the working population of this country bend over once again to take it up the rear in support of yet another social program.

Are you ready for Obama’s health care rationing?

Have a sick child? Then you’d better get used to a government waiting list.  That’s because while Barack Obama is trying to sell his proposed federal takeover of the entire health care system with promises of lower costs and more choices, it’s about as honest a pitch as that ad in the back of comic books for x-ray glasses.

The truth is his scheme outlaws private insurance (page 16 of the 1,018 page draft bill,) sends government employees to your home to monitor your parenting (page 838) and forces the sick and elderly to submit to “end of life counseling” (page 425.)

On page 167, and elsewhere throughout the draft, it also calls for compulsory “shared responsibility payments,” clearly defined as a “tax on individuals without acceptable health care coverage.” The government would confiscate thousands of dollars from your paycheck if they don’t like your choice of coverage. In other words, you have no choice.

And those are just a few of the atrocious provisions of the draft bill. The Congressional Budget Office has found the plan is economically unsustainable. Since “free” care leads to people using the system every time they get the sniffles, it cannot work unless you are put on a miles-long waiting list or get approval from the government to meet your doctor.

That’s commonly called “rationing.”

As more and more information leaks out, Obama’s approval ratings are plummeting. His “strong approval” rating has plunged to a paltry 29 percent. His “strong disapproval” rating has ballooned to 40 percent. A majority of Americans oppose his health care plan.

But Obama will not be deterred by such facts. Why?

Just look at the mail senior citizens get right before an election. With many dependent on the socialized Medicare system for treatment, Democrats use their very lives as campaign fodder.

Every election year, senior citizens are inundated with mail, phone calls and personal visits from Democrat campaign personnel warning them if they don’t show up on Election Day and vote Democrat, the other side will cut off their access to health care and – literally – leave them to die. Terrified because government controls their access to care, most show up to cast their votes for the Democrat…any Democrat!

Obama would love to extend that campaign ploy to all Americans. His goal is a nation where Democrats can make people vote for them simply because Democrats hold their access to medical care in their iron grip, as they already cruelly do to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid recipients.

That’s why your Libertarian Party is leading the charge against the Obama health care takeover. We’ve launched an aggressive media campaign to inform millions of Americans of this expensive, ineffective and ultimately dangerous scheme to force an entire nation onto rationed welfare care.

It’s working. The Kansas City Star admitted the LP is helping defeat Obama in way that can “cling tightly to its principle and still fit comfortably in the political mainstream.

“That’s why our job is hard,” wailed a Democrat pollster. “It’s always easier to use words to defeat something.” For the record, our “words” were nothing more than the facts about the Obama plan.

Even Rush Limbaugh is now reading from Libertarian Party press releases on the air. Dr. Richard Kerr, a West Virginia Libertarian Party member and retired 36-year doctor is publicly asking Obama to apologize to doctors after the president publicly accused them in his press conference last week of deliberately giving the wrong treatments to sick children to make more money.

No matter what you think of Limbaugh, his 22 million listeners are politically active — and many are independents and libertarians. They’re looking for someone, anyone, to fight back. It’s not like the Republicans, with their profligate spending and Bush Medicare prescription drug entitlement, are much of an alternative.

That kind of media campaign is why we’ve seen a spike in candidate inquiries and e-mailed questions from interested independents, libertarians and former Republicans this week.

We’ve also made it abundantly clear we will hold supporters of the Obama plan accountable the only place it counts – at the ballot box. Libertarian candidates will campaign on their support of proven free-market reforms to make health care affordable and accessible. And they will hold their opponents’ feet to the fire for supporting a radical government takeover that bloats costs, degrades the quality of care and leads to waiting lists and rationing.

As it stands right now, the Obama plan will probably pass in Congress. But you can do something to change it.

Will you join the Libertarian Party’s growing citizen army against the Obama health care takeover?

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Opposition to the Obama health care takeover is growing, and as major media outlets and even Rush Limbaugh note, the Libertarian Party is leading the charge.

I hope you’ll join us in fighting for better health care and a free country.