Firearm manufacturer Kahr plans escape from New York

kahr-logoPopular manufacturer of firearms, Kahr, has released plans to escape from the state of New York and their increasingly draconian gun laws and relocate to nearby Pennsylvania, the latest company from around the nation to announce major relocations in response to strict new gun laws.  Kahr plans to purchase 620 acres of land in Blooming Grove Township, a small community in the northeast part of the state.

According to the company, Kahr’s move will be performed in phases – starting late this year.  The initial phase is to build new corporate offices and move their business operations to their new headquarters.  The second phase includes the relocation of their manufacturing facilities for all of their product lines (Kahr, Thompson, Auto-Ordnance, and Magnum Research).

“We anticipate generating significant numbers of revenue and jobs for the local Northeastern Pennsylvania economy with the construction of facilities, expansion of manufacturing, and need for local vendors,” the company said.

Note:  Revenue and jobs in Pennsylvania will come as New York loses at least as many due to the state of New York’s hard-line stance on civilian disarmament through arbitrary gun laws, registrations and stiff licensing requirements.