Regal theaters newest casualty of ObamaCare

Regal Entertainment Group, the company that owns and operates the largest chain of movie theaters in the nation, announced to its workforce that it will be cutting back the hours of thousands of workers in response to the new standards set by ObamaCare and how the new health legislation defines a full time worker.

Due to the increase costs of complying with ObamaCare, the company wrote in a letter to be distributed to those effected, employees will be “scheduled in accord with business needs and in a manner that will not negatively impact our health care budget”.  In other words, hours will be cut back to 30 in order to put them under the new threshold established by the federal government that now requires companies to provide health coverage.

Once again, government regulations end up costing the American people.  Ironically, ObamaCare actually targets lower-income workers because, as hourly employees, it is this workforce that naturally feels the largest burden of working hour cutbacks.  Big government strikes again, and the American people are left shouldering the burden.