Once again, politician reveals her own idiocy on gun rights

Democrat Robin Kelly, who is running for Jesse Jackson Jr.’s seat in Congress, stuck her foot in her own mouth during a speech this week when she attacked the idea that concealed carry laws keep innocent people safe because – during the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting – nobody pulled out their concealed firearm.

The problem, Ms. Kelly?  That theater was a gun-free zone.  It would have been illegal for anyone to have carried a concealed weapon inside that theater.  But as we know, criminals do not follow the law, do they Ms. Kelly?  In fact, that was the only “gun-free” theater within 20 miles – and not even the closest theater to the gunman’s house.  Are we starting to connect the dots now, Ms. Kelly?  Perhaps when gun rights activists use the term “victim zone” when referring to gun-free businesses, there is a reason for that.

Edit: Robin Kelly’s Facebook page has become flooded with comments from angry and frustrated people who accurately recognize Ms. Kelly’s distinct and astounding lack of knowledge and insight into the Aurora, CO shooting and gun rights in general.