ATI to relocate to South Carolina to avoid N.Y. gun laws

American Tactical Imports (ATI) is the latest gun manufacturing company to flee New York’s draconian gun laws for safer grounds, citing the state’s passage of the SAFE Act and Summerville, South Carolina’s proximity to the port-of-entry for several of their imported products.

The move will bring more than 115 jobs to South Carolina where locals are supportive of the company’s move.  “The people of South Carolina have welcomed ATI with open arms and we are excited about making our new corporate home there,” said company president Tony DiChario.  ATI will invest nearly $3 million in Summerville, a Charleston suburb.

ATI is only one of many gun companies to announce relocation plans away from anti-gun states.  Magpul released plans to move from Colorado after the state’s passage of new gun control laws that ultimately lead to two state politicians getting recalled.

PTR Industries makes semiautomatic rifles in Connecticut and will be moving their company to Aynor, South Carolina.  Stag Arms may follow suit.

New York-based Kahr Firearms recently purchased a 620-acre plot of land in rural Pike County, Pennsylvania and will soon move its headquarters out of the gun-restricted state.

Other gun manufacturers like Connecticut-based Sturm and Ruger are not abandoning the Northeast state quite yet, but are investing in facilities elsewhere in the United States.

NY sheriffs fight back against gun laws, refuse enforcement

NY SAFE ACT2Fresh off of Colorado’s successful recall election of two Democratic anti-gun politicians, sheriffs in several New York County’s have pledged not to enforce New York’s new strict gun control laws that ban the sale of some semi-automatic rifles, require gun registration with the state and limit loaded magazines to seven rounds AND bans magazines with the mere capacity to hold more than 10 rounds. Continue reading

NY gun registrations, magazine limits begin today

In another ominous sign of what “tax day” in America really means, the state of New York’s new gun registration requirement and limits on magazines goes into effect today, leaving law-abiding New Yorkers less safe and less prepared to defend themselves and their families against violent attacks from the United States’ criminal element.

After a well-publicized incident of New York wrongly confiscating a state resident’s firearms enabled by just this kind of registration, only time will tell how many New Yorkers will willingly give up their constitutional rights by registering their firearms with the state.  This case clearly indicates the state’s desire to heavily regulate who it deems worthy of gun ownership and personal protection.  Moreover, the state evidently feels little obligation to doing even the slightest modicum of due diligence before removing a law-abiding citizen’s ability to protect him or herself with a firearm.

Magazine limits also go into effect today, making it that much easier for home invaders – especially those who choose to break into homes in groups – to successfully rob state residents of their possessions and, in some cases, their lives.  Law-abiding state residents are now required to take care of the situation using no more than 7 shots.  Criminals’ magazine capacities, of course, are not required to abide by the law.

Today, New Yorkers are less safe than yesterday.  The state legislature systematically removed law-abiding people’s ability to protect themselves and positioned the state to be the supreme ruler of firearms in the state, which is home to one of the bloodiest cities in the union – New York City.

To say the state of New York did its citizens a disservice is an understatement.  This is flat out criminal.

New York’s new SAFE Act claims first victim, Iraq war veteran

Article Highlights

  • War veteran victim of entrapment by state of New York police
  • Faces 7-years in jail after selling two now-banned weapons
  • Laughably, state considers man’s actions “potentially dangerous”

Benjamin Wassell of Silver Creek, New York, was arrested this week and charged with selling weapons now banned in the state of New York after the passage of the “SAFE Act” to an under cover police officer.  He is the first victim of his state’s new terribly destructive gun control measure.

He is charged with twice selling now-banned AR-15s with magazines that exceed the new state-wide capacity limit and a pistol grip, telescoping butt stock and bayonet mount.  The first sale included 299 rounds of ammunition and six magazines.  The second sale included 21 rounds of ammunition.  He is charged with felonies that could land the Iraq war veteran and weapons expert in jail for as many as 7 years.

“By selling these illegal firearms, Mr. Wassell’s actions had potentially dangerous consequences for New Yorkers,” said State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who added that the illegal sale of semiautomatic weapons will not go unpunished.

The insanity of this rammed through piece of legislation continues to amaze, and the words of the state’s own Attorney General stands as proof of just how clueless and inconsequential these gun control measures really are.  “Potentially dangerous consequences”?  This man was setup by agents of the state – in this case, an undercover police officer – hell-bent on putting a knowledgeable weapons expert and war veteran behind bars for selling a weapon that was once legal just weeks ago.  The implication that this arrest makes anyone in New York safer is nonsensical on its face.

This man is a victim of the systematic destruction of liberty within the state of New York.

Let’s set New York up as an example and support gun control

Revolver-1-29H9TW5Y2P-800x600After spending the better part of my adult life witnessing first hand how little gun control works in virtually any form and politicians completely ignoring clear empirical evidence, I have decided to switch my tune and support gun control – and I am talking about stringent, restrictive and completely unconstitutional gun control – in the state of New York.  If you guys want it, then I think you should get it.

Completely disarm the law-abiding citizens of the state of New York and only allow guns into the hands of criminals.  Forget the 7-round magazine limit.  Simply ban ALL semi-automatic guns, including AR-type rifles and handguns.  Heck, throw revolvers into the mix as well.  Ban every gun.  Only police are allowed to legally carry a firearm in the state of New York.

Let’s do it.  Support gun control in the state of New York.  Unless the state “goes all the way” with control, it is meaningless and nonsensical to ban “assault style weapons” because regular handguns are used in the vast majority of gun crimes, not these supposed “assault weapons”.  Regular handguns, like a 9mm Glock 19.  Nothing more powerful or expensive than a $200 revolver is all you need to commit a gun crime.

I call on the state of New York to put their money where their mouth is – ban every gun.  Stop picking and choosing the firearm capabilities of state residents.  Stop these piecemeal attacks on a law-abiding person’s ability to defend him or herself.  Man up, New York state, and just ban everything – if you have the guts.

Then after a couple years, I call on the state of New York to release its crime statistics since the ban took effect to illustrate the effectiveness of gun control – if the state dares.