Libertarian Party: Don’t investigate the IRS, abolish it!

no_irsAs politicians in Washington D.C. scramble to take best advantage of the IRS debacle over targeting conservative and Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny, the Libertarian Party has upped the ante and is calling for the elimination of the Internal Revenue Service altogether.  Forget the investigation…just get rid of it.

“We must abolish the IRS and end any need for a regulatory agency that snoops into people’s private lives,” said Libertarian party Executive Director Carla Howell.  She added that our federal government needs far fewer resources to address their constitutionally-authorized obligations.  “We don’t need an income tax, and we certainly don’t need the IRS,” Howell added.

If elimination were to be discussed, now would be the time.  Officials within the IRS refuse to admit what they know and when they knew it.  It is more clear than ever that corruption exists in all levels of government, and the IRS is quickly turning into a prime example of how rampant uncontrolled power and unaccountable government employees really are within our federal bureaucracy.  How much more evidence do Americans need before they stand up for their own rights and call for an end to one of the more historically corrupt entities of the federal government?

Once again, the Libertarian Party is the only party calling for an end to political corruption.  Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have called for the elimination of the IRS, opting instead to maintain the abuse of so many American’s tax dollars and an insanely complex and punitive system of taxation.

“Individuals, businesses, and political organizations will all be safe from government interrogation and free to express their political views. It will dramatically increase the wealth of the private sector and inspire hundreds of billions of dollars in investment in small businesses and American jobs,” Howell said.

I was a Libertarian before it was cool

This is the Libertarian Party’s moment to shine.  Corruption has reached an all-time high in Washington D.C. and the American people are rightly becoming more and more suspect of their elected government officials.  From the Benghazi cover-up to the IRS scandal, from gun running (Fast and Furious) to the Associated Press privacy fiasco, the government is clearly out of control and the evidence is in plain sight.

This is nothing new.  This is what governments do when the people grant them virtually unchecked power.  Why does it take public scandal before Americans finally wake up to what’s been going on under their noses for decades?

And the people of our nation, once again, are left footing the bill.  The American people have a reason to start looking elsewhere for their political leadership – as they always have.  Will this mean the majority of Republicans and Democrats will jump ship to the Libertarians?  Of course not.  And honestly, they don’t need to.  The Libertarian movement has always been around and always will be.  We are willing to accept anyone to the side of freedom and liberty.

But if Americans truly want change in their country, it is imperative that they finally stop believing that it is their job to vote for the lesser of two evils because, as all Americans plainly see, evil is still evil however you slice it.  Your party affiliation does not matter as much as your votes do.  Vote for freedom and start experiencing everything that this great nation has to offer.  Or, continuing vote for evil, and our government will forever remain…evil.

I am a damn proud Libertarian.  I am a Libertarian because I have two eyes, both in working order.  I cringe when I look at my paycheck every two weeks and see the money being confiscated from me.  I see our government’s never-ending drive to disarm the American people and throw away parts of the Constitution.  I see the federal government running up deficits and asking Americans to cut back and spend responsibly even when our own politicians would never dream of using the same philosophy with our money at the national level.

Benghazi made it cool again to be a Libertarian, but it should not take major public scandals to wake the population up to the systematic failures of their own government.  It should not take the loss of freedom before Americans begin to love freedom.  But it does.

Ron Paul: The IRS itself is the problem

“What do you expect when you target the President?” This is what an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent allegedly said to the head of a conservative organization that was being audited after calling for the impeachment of then-President Clinton. Recent revelations that IRS agents gave “special scrutiny” to organizations opposed to the current administration’s policies suggest that many in the IRS still believe harassing the President’s opponents is part of their job.

As troubling as these recent reports are, it would be a grave mistake to think that IRS harassment of opponents of the incumbent President is a modern, or a partisan, phenomenon. As scholar Burton Folsom pointed out in his book New Deal or Raw Deal, IRS agents in the 1930s were essentially “hit squads” against opponents of the New Deal. It is well-known that the administrations of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson used the IRS to silence their critics. One of the articles of impeachment drawn up against Richard Nixon dealt with his use of the IRS to harass his political enemies. Allegations of IRS abuses were common during the Clinton administration, and just this week some of the current administration’s defenders recalled that antiwar and progressive groups alleged harassment by the IRS during the Bush presidency.

The bipartisan tradition of using the IRS as a tool to harass political opponents suggests that the problem is deeper than just a few “rogue” IRS agents – or even corruption within one, two, three or many administrations. Instead, the problem lays in the extraordinary power the tax system grants the IRS.

The IRS routinely obtains information about how we earn a living, what investments we make, what we spend on ourselves and our families, and even what charitable and religious organizations we support. Starting next year, the IRS will be collecting personally identifiable health insurance information in order to ensure we are complying with Obamacare’s mandates.

The current tax laws even give the IRS power to marginalize any educational, political, or even religious organizations whose goals, beliefs, and values are not favored by the current regime by denying those organizations “tax-free” status. This is the root of the latest scandal involving the IRS.

Considering the type of power the IRS excises over the American people, and the propensity of those who hold power to violate liberty, it is surprising we do not hear about more cases of politically-motivated IRS harassment. As the first U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall said, “The power to tax is the power to destroy” – and who better to destroy than one’s political enemies?

The United States flourished for over 120 years without an income tax, and our liberty and prosperity will only benefit from getting rid of the current tax system. The federal government will get along just fine without its immoral claim on the fruits of our labor, particularly if the elimination of federal income taxes are accompanied by serious reduction in all areas of spending, starting with the military spending beloved by so many who claim to be opponents of high taxes and big government.

While it is important for Congress to investigate the most recent scandal and ensure all involved are held accountable, we cannot pretend that the problem is a few bad actors. The very purpose of the IRS is to transfer wealth from one group to another while violating our liberties in the process. Thus the only way Congress can protect our freedoms is to repeal the income tax and shutter the doors of the IRS once and for all.