Colorado school to allow gun-carrying teachers in classrooms

Teachers and GunsA small school district in rural northeastern Colorado will begin allowing teachers to carry concealed guns into their classrooms for the protection of their students, provided they attend regular weapons training and fire at least 100 practice rounds per month.

The school is located in Briggsdale, a small unincorporated Colorado town so rural that it takes at least 20 minutes for emergency vehicles to respond to 911 calls from the area.  School administrators believe the city’s relative distance from emergency services necessitates trained teachers packing heat.

“I don’t have a two-minute or minute-and-30 response time,” said the school district’s superintendent Rick Mondt to the Greeley Tribune. “That would be the only reason that I would think this would be somewhat of a necessity.”

“We wanted that increased awareness not only in the gun training and gun safety, but there’s also a really good component in the concealed carry training tied to the legal aspects and some of the challenges that will occur along with having a gun in their hand,” Mondt said.

The new policy will give trained teachers the power to confront deadly situations before police arrive, hopefully neutralizing the threat and ensuring the safety and security of students and staff almost immediately.

Newtown, CT gun permit applications double after shooting

Article Highlights

  • Permit applications more than double after shooting
  • Town received nearly 80 permits in 3 months, beating average
  • Police say residents fear Washington and/or state gun grab

In news that you probably will not hear on your nightly telecast, the Newtown, CT police department said that since the December 14th school shooting, they have received well over double the applications for gun permits compared to the same time period in previous years.

Police say the cause is primarily due to a fear that the government will take away city resident’s right to own firearms.

“A good percentage of people are making it clear they think their rights are going to be taken away,” said Robert Berkins, records manager for Newtown police.

Yearly, Newtown issues about 130 gun permits.  Thus far, the city of about 27,000 residents has received nearly 80 permit requests through the first three months of the year, a pace that is sure to shatter the city’s average.  It is unclear how many permits the city has actually issued.

Ron Paul to write book on school choice, free markets

Ron-Paul-265881-1-402Recently retired Republican Representative and Libertarian-leaning Ron Paul has signed on to write a new book, titled “New School Manifesto”, that will push ideas that advocate for a free market approach to the United States’ educational system.

The book is set to be released in September, just as students return to class.

The book is said to reject the state-run monopoly on education in the country and instead focuses on giving people an affordable choice on where to send their children by creating competition through the free market.  Paul says that parents should be the ultimate authority on their child’s education, not government.

Paul uses the postal service’s competitors, like UPS and FedEx, to support the idea that competition results in better and cheaper services for everyone.

“Ron Paul’s beliefs are always controversial, and even if you disagree with his principles, his arguments will make you think,” said Grand Central Publishing, Paul’s publisher.

Preventing mass murder: stop sensationalizing crime and “control”

opposeIn the aftermath of the horrific tragedy that rocked a small upscale town in Connecticut that took the lives of 27 innocent people, including many small children, Americans and the media are once again renewing their calls for more restrictive gun control.  Government regulations, they claim, will somehow prevent the next massacre.

Human nature, unfortunately, makes this issue far more complex. The theory is simple: if more stringent controls on guns are enacted, fewer guns will be in the hands of criminals, and thus, fewer mass murders.  But what so many Americans fail to recognize is criminals – by definition – do not abide by laws.  We have a theory whose most basic premise is altogether wrong.

A cursory look at our nation’s drug laws draw an accurate picture of what happens when governments attempt to regulate away complex problems.  When government attempts to stifle an action, that action is quickly taken underground.  Drug cartels are notorious for building sophisticated and efficient mechanisms for moving and selling narcotics all over the world underneath the purview of government.  Do drug laws in the United States prevent Americans from smoking marijuana or snorting cocaine?  Of course not.

Let’s bring this concept back to the topic of guns.  If gun ownership is restricted, will that prevent Americans from obtaining and owning guns?  Again, of course not.  To combat government regulations, the gun trade will be taken underground, and when that happens, there is no regulation, no control and no oversight.  The result of the underground distribution of guns is scary.  When guns are used in a crime, the government will have a much tougher time tracing the source of the gun because the weapon was transported and obtained through unofficial channels.  Drugs work the same way.

Gun controls hurt our nation’s ability to track guns, to identify patterns and to properly bring to justice those who are responsible for helping criminals commit crimes.  Gun control is the last thing Americans should be focusing on if they truly want to prevent the next senseless massacre of innocent people in the United States.

The solution: quit sensationalizing murder.  The Connecticut tragedy has occupied news channels all over the world for days as media figureheads jam microphones into the faces of those affected and plaster pictures of the shooter on television for the entire world to see.  It is like a movie.

And the next killer sees this.  You can be sure that this weekend, as our media continued to hype the murder, the next one was being planned by some “troubled” youth who wants to be remembered as an evil criminal rather than what he truly is, a nobody and a drain on society.  The next “quiet, yet highly intelligent” monster wants his name and face recognizable by everyone in the United States too.

Ask yourself a question: What’s the name of the killer in the Connecticut shooting massacre?  Chances are, you quickly said Adam Lanza.  Now, what’s the name of a 6-year-old child who had their life taken from them at the hands of this madman?  Chances are, you cannot name a single victim.  But even if you could, far more cannot.  That is the problem.

Double or triple prison sentences for crimes that involve guns.  Quit turning real life tragedies into murder-mystery films.  Stop focusing on the criminal and start remembering the victims.  Real and meaningful reform does not come at the hands of career politicians, government bureaucrats and useless legislation.  True progress starts in society; let’s stop tolerating the sensationalizing of senseless murder.