Innocent people held at gunpoint during CA search

Innocent person held at gunpointPolice officers blocked access to homes and held innocent people driving down the street at gunpoint last week during a search for a suspect who allegedly shot a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer in Roseville, California.

The suspect ran on foot and entered a nearby house shortly before the homeowners escaped out of a side door.  With helicopters circling overhead and frequent exchanges of gunfire between officers and the suspect in the usually quiet neighborhood, the community quickly turned into chaotic martial law as state police quickly took over the area.

At least 15 homes were immediately evacuated during the incident, Boston-style, and some residents waited more than 24-hours before they were able to return to their homes.  Drivers were stopped at gunpoint during the search for the suspect and forced to answer questions posed by police while staring down the barrel of a high-powered rifle.

All injured officers involved in the shooting were treated at a local hospital.  Four officers were released and two remain in stable condition with jaw and leg wounds.

DHS: Requiring suspicion before conducting searches “harmful”

Operating under rules put in place by George W. Bush in 2008, the Department of Homeland Security has assumed the authority to search people’s electronic devices close to our nation’s borders.  This means cell phones, cameras and computers can be confiscated and searched by the DHS, without cause, without suspicion and without any warrant – completely removing 4th amendment rights from everyone in the area. Continue reading