Nine women shot dead every week because victims lack deadly force

Domestic-Violence-9Women-1_Meme-noURL-320x447The “Moms Demand Action” disarmament group touts October as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”, claiming numbers published from a new Violence Policy Center report indicate nine American women are shot dead by their husband or intimate partner every week.  Clever as they are, the group has taken clear advantage of those numbers by once again pushing Congress to pass so-called “common sense” gun reforms that, in their eyes, somehow take guns out of the hands of women abusers.

Amazing.  Without missing a step, these mothers have missed an opportunity to better protect women from abusive partners.  Involved as this group might be in empowering women to protect themselves, focusing instead on hotly contested political diatribes in direct opposition to clear public opinion (just ask the people of Colorado) and the Constitution inadvertently dismantles any credibility the anti-gun group may have had.

Rather than empowering women by teaching how guns can protect their families, “Moms Demand Action” pleads for government laws to remove guns from the aggressors instead, standing atop a collection of fragile political miscalculations and a wasteful campaign geared towards disarmament, rather than empowerment.  Yet again, an anti-gun group loses the battle before firing the first shot.

The report only studied the number of incidents involving a female victim and a male aggressor.  Doing the math, 468 women die at the hands of gun-wielding men every year.  Eager to capitalize on the findings, the group responded.

“We urgently need better policies that protect women and their families from this senseless violence,” wrote the founder of “Moms Demand Action”.  In reality, the group’s “Please protect us!” response smacks of foolhardy carelessness.  It quietly gives off the impression that women cannot protect themselves and are somehow defenseless and feeble, dependent only on what the government can provide for them.  Worse, it savagely implies that women lack the competence and ability to fight back.  How about empowering women to better protect themselves instead?  “Moms Demand Action” will have none of it.

In truth, violence against anyone needs addressing, but not with blindly headstrong attempts to disarm the American people with legislation that even supporters in Congress admit will not prevent the next gun attack.  Harebrained adventures into the rough political waters of gun control are about as effective as our government’s ability to manage its own debt.

These numbers should indicate to “Moms Demand Action” that women should take a more proactive approach to self-defense by learning what it takes to protect themselves against those who would do them harm.  Our government could ban every gun in the United States tomorrow, but if an ex-boyfriend shows up at the doorstep of his former girlfriend’s house with an illegal firearm, no law in existence can possibly protect her.  A call to 911 is critical, but what happens in the five to 15 minutes between the call and the police’s arrival?  That depends on the victim and how prepared she is to fight back.

To the chagrin of “Moms Demand Action”, women are buying guns at record rates.  According to a Gallup poll published earlier in the year, nearly a quarter of all women are gun owners.  That adds up to almost 20 million women in our nation who are refusing to become the next victim.

The truth is guns do an excellent job at protecting women – laws do not.  A law cannot step in and diffuse the situation.  No angry gunman will turn around and leave because a law says he cannot commit that crime.  However, a 6-inch gun barrel pointed right between the lunatic’s eyes might.  The man probably does not expect a fight.  Why would he?  Groups like this imply women are helpless.

Instead of wishing for a bunch of laws to protect women from crime, take action!  Attend a self-defense class and learn how to protect yourself.  Buy a gun and learn how to use it.  Never hope for the passage of laws – that criminals will side step – to protect you.  Refuse to be a victim.

Learn how to fight back, or risk becoming another weekly statistic.