Arizona fights federal gun control with new Senate bill

Gun1As the federal government continues to use high-publicity tragedies to burden Americans with increasing gun control, the State of Arizona has approved a new measure that would make it a crime in the state for gun dealers to enforce any government law, act or regulation.

The new law’s Purpose statement reads, “Prohibits public servants and federally licensed firearms dealers from enforcing any U.S. government act, law, statute, rule or regulation. Establishes an offense for U.S. government officials, agents or employees to enforce firearm-related acts, orders, laws, statutes, rules or regulations. Allows the Attorney General (AG) to defend Arizona citizens prosecuted by the federal government for a firearm-related violation, and declares certain firearm-related laws and regulations unenforceable in Arizona.”

A similar law was passed last month in the Arizona State House, and such measures puts Arizona along side 15 other states that are considering the same types of measures to prevent increasing federal government regulations from effecting state citizens.

Both the Senate and House bills passed along party lines in the state.