Obamacare’s unhealthy reliance on our youth

21NewTaxesIt is no real surprise that the roll out of Barack Obama’s healthcare proposal – dubbed the “Affordable Care Act” – has failed to garner the results that the government was hoping for.  Fraught with technical problems that rendered the Healthcare.gov web site virtually unusable in its infancy, the government-run health initiative has turned into an abysmal failure.

The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, has failed because there is very little incentive for our nation’s young and healthy population to signup for the program that provides them with very little benefit.  To survive, Obamacare needs healthy people to signup for coverage that they will probably never use.

A Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) report cited only 24% of those who signed up for Obamacare through December were young and health Americans.  Worse, of those people who did signup for healthcare under the Affordable Care Act, the report could not account for how many enrollees actually paid their premiums.

The problem: “Early data from a handful of state exchanges shows the administration needs more young adults to sign up in the next three months to help offset costs from older enrollees and prevent insurers from raising their rates,” Reuters wrote in a report earlier in the month.

This seemingly innocuous statement bears further analysis – in order for government-run healthcare to “work”, Washington needs young and healthy people to essentially throw their money away and overpay for health coverage in order to fund the health benefits of other people.

If this healthcare train wreck isn’t the very definition of redistribution of wealth, what is?

Obamacare helps to prove once again that a “free lunch” simply does not exist.  Everything needs to be funded, and that funding cannot simply appear out of thin air.  When a particular segment of society is screwed into paying for another segment of society, one cannot honestly expect the former to willingly fund the latter.

When the very laws of economics are ignored by our government, big and expensive initiatives like Obamacare fall to the ground.  When our government depends on people to fund the very livelihood of others, society quickly rebels in a natural attempt to keep their possessions secure.

Would you pay the cost of a Ferrari to drive around in a minivan?  Me either.  Why, then, would our government expect young people to pay for coverage they don’t need to fund coverage for someone else?

When one spends their life in government, the laws of economics never apply.


Sorry, but I cannot simply “get over” the destruction of my country

I am naturally drawn to bumper stickers.  Crowded or empty streets, day or night, I always seem to pick out and read the contents of bumper stickers on the backs of cars, and I have read some pretty interesting points of view plastered on bumpers.  But today, I read something downright disturbing: “He Won, Get Over It”.

What part should I get over, exactly?  Should I get over the fact that our president, wholehearted embraced by Communist Party USA, has put into place a systematic agenda of consolidated power and control into the hands of career politicians practically falling over themselves to spend the people’s money – and demonstrably lie, cheat and steal to do it?

Or, perhaps you would like me to get over the destruction of personal sovereignty at the hands of an expensive and perpetually wasteful government-run health care program and regulatory mess (Obamacare, of course)?  Maybe you would like me to get over government control over the course of business, the independent choices of the American people, over Barack Obama’s unmistakable disdain of freedom and liberty, of the most basic human rights that has stood as the fabric of this nation for centuries?

Okay, it might not be that.  Instead, maybe I should simply move on and get over the transparent cover-up of the Benghazi disaster and the death of innocent Americans in the region as this government purposely turned a blind eye.  Perhaps Americans should do to our government what Obama did to military leaders and an ambassador in the region during the attack: ignore them, pretend nothing is happening, and just get over it.  What is done is done.  It is over.

Oh, it’s over alright.  Worse, our president has no intention of hiding his dangerous agenda, but still, Americans gave this man another chance.  Another chance for what?  Maybe too many people ended up with an “Obama phone”.

I will not get over the destruction of American civilization as we know it at the hands of an unaccountable president and political class.  I will not get over the entrenchment of a recklessly corrupt government superstructure and the elimination of virtually any limit to government control over more and more of the lives of the American people.

No Constitution, no amount of legal restraint or the rule of law, will stand in the way of this administration and the goals of centralization of money, power and control in Washington D.C.

No, Mr. or Mrs. slave of the state.  I will not “get over it”.

French gov’t to suffer consequences of socialism

According to British newspaper The Telegraph, socialist-lead France is fast approaching a “full-blown hurricane” as punishing tax rates and disastrous government policies are forcing French businesses and investors scrambling to avoid the legalized confiscation of their wealth.

French bankruptcies have skyrocketed over the summer and, according to Laurence Parisot of the MEDEF group in France, consumer confidence in the economy is quickly dwindling.  Worse, the French government does not appear concerned, or even aware, of the gravity of the looming crisis.

A message to the U.S. government: learn from the mistakes of other nations.  Big government destroys incentives to invest and succeed and punishing taxes provide little in the way of long-term economic success for virtually any economy, especially one built  upon the principles of capitalism.