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Despite massive spending, underachievement prevails

Despite massive spending, underachievement prevails

Did you know that the number of people on food stamps has grown over the past 13 years by nearly 30 million, which accounts for almost 20% of households receiving taxpayer-funded food subsidies?  At the same time, the federal government is spending more per household than ever before – in fact, a 152 percent increase

Cato: Successful nations cut debt, taxes and spending

The Cato Institute published an article citing direct evidence that countries that effectively manage their spending and debts thrive, while nations that allow out of control spending, senseless tax increases and an expanding GDP, suffer. Alan Reynolds contrasted nations like Brazil, Russia, India and China – dubbed BRIC – and praised their potential growth due


Obama demands tax hikes on rich before any compromises

Days after the re-election of Barack Obama, the president said that any compromise from his office on the issue of taxes and the national debt will hinge on the inclusion of tax increases for wealthier Americans in an fruitless effort to slow our nation’s rising debt and limit the ensuing economic calamity. “I’m committed to


Feds cannot account for $30m in GSA bonuses

Reported by a CBS affiliate television station in Washington D.C., the federal government apparently cannot account for a whopping $30 million in taxpayer-paid bonuses in fiscal year 2011, proving once again that our federal government is neither prepared nor responsible enough to manage virtually any amount of money. According to the CBS affiliate, the General