Gary Johnson a spoiler in the 2012 elections? Think again

It is inevitable.  If the Republican Party loses an election – especially one against an entirely beatable candidate like Barack Obama, the blame game begins.  A popular victim in this game of placing blame?  The libertarian party, and this time, the supposed spoiler is Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

The problem?  Johnson had absolutely nothing to do with this election.  The spoiler in this race for the Republican party was none other than Mitt Romney.

Without exception, polls show the American people are disgusted with their government.  The people find politicians untrustworthy and, in many cases, downright criminal.  Americans place very little confidence in the economy and especially our political class’ ability to manage it.  This election was ripe for a change at the helm.

Unfortunately for the GOP, facts stand in the way of placing the blame on Gary Johnson.  In an election where nearly 105 million people voted, Johnson received just over one million.  Romney and Obama both garnered over 52 million a piece.  One million votes do not, under nearly any circumstance in an election of this magnitude, make or break an election.  If you cannot beat Barack Obama because a third party claimed 1,012,617 votes, then you have a serious problem on your hands.

The problem was Mitt Romney.  The larger problem is the entire Republican party.  The issue lies in the destruction of the Republican base at the hands of GOP leaders in Congress, primarily lead by limp-wristed John “Obamacare is the law of the land” Boehner.  The utter abandonment of any semblance of small government within the Republican party effectively destroyed the GOP’s chances at beating Barack Obama even in times of extreme economic uncertainty, huge debts and low poll numbers.  In short, Republicans were unmotivated to vote.

Gary Johnson had nothing to do with this election.  The problem lies with the Republican party, and until they begin taking personal responsibility for their own failures, this country will continue to see Democratic rule from the top spot in the land.