More states ease controls on guns than strengthen them

Although you probably would not have known it by watching your local news or reading blogs on the Internet (including this one), more states have eased their restrictions on guns and gun ownership than strengthened them since the Newtown, CT shooting December 14th of 2012.

For example, Arkansas now allows carrying guns in places of worship.  South Dakota has extended its concealed carry license expiration from 4 years to 5 years – and residents can now carry a firearm (with a permit) while riding a snowmobile.  Several states, like Mississippi and Virginia, have officially made their concealed carry registration list confidential, preventing prying eyes from locating and marking residents who carry a concealed weapons permit (hello, New York?).

Other states have sent several easements on gun regulations to their respective state governors for signature, like the ability to carry weapons without a permit (Utah and Montana).  Bills in the states of Oklahoma and Kansas would create an automatic concealed weapons permit reciprocity with other states’ licenses.