Police survey: Gun controls do little to increase safety

According to a survey from PoliceOne.com, more than 15,000 police officers resoundingly believe that the gun controls being discussed in Congress and passed in several states are meaningless to public safety and will not reduce violent crime.

Asked what effect the White House’s position on gun controls would have in improving police officer safety, more than 60% said “none”.  Asked if the assault weapons ban would reduce violent crime, more than 70% said “none”.  95% of officers surveyed said that magazine limits will not reduce violent crime.

Once again, those most intimately involved in stopping violent crime and experienced in the lawful use of firearms resoundingly believe most of the proposed gun controls to be ineffectual on their face.  The majority of officers believe that stiff penalties for those who commit a crime with a gun would do more to curb violent crime than trying to remove guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens, something I wrote about recently.