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Freedom of Speech

You might be a Libertarian, if…

You might be a Libertarian, if…

Libertarianism is not an exclusive club.  In fact, Libertarians are perhaps the most politically-welcoming group of people left in the United States of America.  The Libertarian philosophy is about giving people the freedom to choose, without exception.  Libertarians do not pick and choose when our freedoms apply.  How much more welcoming can you get? Even


Sweden’s Shrinking State

Ah, Sweden, the very mention of it will often bring about the phrase ‘liberal paradise’. The land where healthcare is free, everyone lives long lives, and there’s no crime or violence, despite huge taxes and a massive public government. All of it sounds wonderful except: it hasn’t been that way since the early 1990′s and


Despite massive spending, underachievement prevails

Did you know that the number of people on food stamps has grown over the past 13 years by nearly 30 million, which accounts for almost 20% of households receiving taxpayer-funded food subsidies?  At the same time, the federal government is spending more per household than ever before – in fact, a 152 percent increase

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Libertarian Laura Delhomme to end state income tax, rules on marriage, drugs

Libertarian Laura Delhomme, who is running for delegate in Virginia’s 47th district, aims to end the state income tax, enact marriage equality, end the failed War on Drugs and remove state restrictions on means of transportation. “Taxes are too high,” Delhomme said in a debate with her opponent, Democrat Patrick Hope. “That’s because Virginia’s state

Senate passes Internet sales tax bill

As if the American people aren’t taxed enough, the Senate has approved a proposal that would require online retailers to collect sales taxes if they claim revenues in excess of $1 million in states outside of their physical “brick-n-mortar” locations.  Meaning, you’ll start paying taxes for virtually all of your purchases through large online retailers

Cato: Successful nations cut debt, taxes and spending

The Cato Institute published an article citing direct evidence that countries that effectively manage their spending and debts thrive, while nations that allow out of control spending, senseless tax increases and an expanding GDP, suffer. Alan Reynolds contrasted nations like Brazil, Russia, India and China – dubbed BRIC – and praised their potential growth due