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Investigation finds FBI jets used for personal travel, costing millions

Article Highlights Expensive Gulfstream jet used for extensive personal travel $11 million spent over 5 years on non FBI-related expenses 88 personal trips taken by Holder and Mukasey, Mueller adds 10 Read the official GAO report According to an investigation released by the Government Accountability Office, the FBI’s Gulfstream jet, leased by the government to


Gov’t to spend $25m installing useless seatbelts in buses

Despite convincing evidence that seat belts provide no additional safety for passengers riding on school and commercial buses, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will push forward a plan to require all new buses to come equipped with seat belts. The plan will cost an additional $25m annually.  The NHTSA says the plan may save up


Taxpayers forced to pay over $500 million for abortions

According to a report published by the Susan B. Anthony foundation, public records show that the Planned Parenthood organization performed a record 333,964 abortions in 2011 and received a whopping $542 million in taxpayer funding, which includes grants and Medicaid reimbursements. Women should be allowed to run their lives as they see fit, but taxpayers


Sandy relief bill filled with expensive pet project funding

Republican Representative Harold Rogers has introduced a $17 billion so-called “Hurricane Sandy Recovery” bill (H.R. 152) that would provide federal funding to the victims of the devastating hurricane that ravaged the northeast late last year.  Unfortunately, the bill contains hundreds of millions of unrelated spending on pet projects aimed at keeping career politicians gainfully employed. According to an


More than 100 federal government workers hired each day

Although many in the private sector continue to struggle their way through economic uncertainty, the federal government appears to be thriving.  Since Barack Obama’s inauguration, the federal government has hired an average of 101 workers each and every day, totaling 143,000 additional workers drawing taxpayer money as salaries. This makes for the largest ever federal payroll