Texas man uses gun to thwart attempted robbery

Just weeks after a previous attempted robbery on the man, an armed citizen with a handgun fought back against another attempted robbery in the early morning hours yesterday, hitting two of the three suspects and causing them to flee the scene, wishing they had chosen a disarmed victim.

At 7am yesterday, three men approached the driver of a truck in an attempt to rob him.  According to a witness, a struggle ensued, followed by loud gun shots.  One of the suspects was seriously injured and immediately fell to the ground.  The other two suspects – one of them hit – ran.  Two of the three men have been arrested and charged with aggravated robbery.  The third suspect is still at large.

“I’m really glad he had a gun because he might have been killed today,” a witness to the attempted robbery said.

Incidents of defensive gun use go largely unreported, but citizens defending themselves with firearms happen every day around the country.  Stay armed.  Stay safe.  Refuse to be a victim.



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