The ironic farce of anti-gun violence Facebook pages

swann4Like many, I have spent quite a bit of time pouring through both pro and con gun control web sites and references on the Internet, and I’ve stumbled across a good number of so-called “anti-gun violence” groups on Facebook in the process.  These pages are primarily focused on one thing, and one thing only: gun control.

Post after post, the owners of these pages provide links to gun violence from around the country showing how maniacal some people are with guns.  Senseless violence, robberies, murders, even irresponsible behavior with firearms are all fair game on these pages.  ”See, this is why we need gun control!” says one commenter.  ”You gun nuts still oppose gun control?” posts another.

Ironically, these anti-gun violence (read: pro gun control) Facebook groups prove what most freedom-loving second amendment supporters know to be true: violence exists!  Crime will happen regardless of prevention laws.  People will use guns, knives and other objects to commit crimes, some of them quite gruesome.

These examples do not prove the need for gun control.  Gun control laws do not work because criminals do not follow the law.  Ironically though, these Facebook pages DO prove the need for gun protections.  Each post helps prove the need for law-abiding people to own and carry guns to combat senseless violence and crime.

Of course, things will happen.  People will act irresponsibly with guns.  But then again, people are irresponsible behind the wheel of a car too, but we are not exactly taking away drivers licenses, even from those who have quite a number of accidents.  The idea is to protect yourself against those who would do you harm.  It is the protection against the very crimes that these Facebook groups cite on a daily basis.  They prove our point.  Our world can be dangerous.

The Aurora, Colorado shooting continues to stand as an excellent example.  The theater was a gun-free zone, and therefore, the gunman was presented with a disarmed group of people, powerless to stop the maniac.  No guns equals no protection against those who use guns, knives or any deadly weapon.  Bring your fists to a gun fight and even Chuck Norris would not escape alive.  Bullets are faster than fists.

These Facebook pages are a farce to their own cause, through and through.  In the face of violence, the American people have a choice to make: defend yourself, or run.  But I have news for you: you will never run faster than a bullet.



Steve Adcock is the founder and editor, SmallGovTimes.com and works full time as a software developer in the southwest United States. When not at the computer, Steve can be found at the local gun range or in the gym.

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