Think NSA privacy rules keep you safe? Think again

nsa-486x480For years, government bureaucrats have held steadfast in the claim that although the National Security Agency does possess significant technical capabilities, layers of rules and regulations prevent illegal activity and protects against the invasion of American’s privacy.

A new report from an internal audit, however, reveals thousands of NSA breaches of its own so-called policies every year, calling into question how much the NSA truly cares about your privacy, or the rule of law.

Of the 2,776 rule infractions, the majority involve the illegal surveillance of the American people or foreign targets inside the United States.  This devastating information was just one piece of the highly classified information revealed by Edward Snowden – who now resides somewhere in Russia.

Although the NSA’s compliance record of its own rules is clearly suspect, the ability for any outside entity to monitor its activities on a day-to-day basis is extremely limited, according to the chief judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court – the court designed to provide oversight and limit the NSA’s ability to break the rules. Instead, the court has to rely on information given to them by the government, which hardly constitutes a legitimate oversight of the NSA-turned-spy-agency.

This report comes at the heels of a News Observer report about yet another NSA facility, this time at North Carolina State University, to analyze email, telephone and Google search records collected by the agency through several of its obscure and formerly top secret collection mechanisms at its new Utah data center.



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