Thousands in Connecticut flock to gun stores before vote

Before the expected passage of yet another terribly harmful slap-in-the-face gun control bill, this time in the state of Connecticut, state residents flooded local gun shops to buy up remaining items that will soon be banned, including so-called “high capacity magazines” and other firearms that the state will soon consider “assault style”.

The bill would limit magazine capacity to 10-rounds, meaning home owners need to be extra judicious (and lucky) when multiple intruders break into their homes to not run out of ammunition before the threat is neutralized.  The bill would also expand what the state considers to be “assault weapons” and would require all private sales to undergo background checks through an FFL before a sale of a firearm.

Ignorant state representatives considered the measure a “powerful response”, seemingly unaware that these types of bans are notoriously unsuccessful in virtually every way.  Are any of Connecticut’s lawmakers aware that the Columbine shooters obtained their ammunition magazines from California, which also had a 10-round limit in place at the time?

Many state residents are incensed, and they should be.  The number of those opposed to this nonsensical gun control bill vastly outnumber those in support of it during a rally today at the Hartford statehouse.



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