Two seconds is too much freedom

don't tread on meTwo seconds isn’t a lot of time, but those two seconds are an intense focal point of the gun control movement: magazine capacity. The folks over at Demand A Plan ( have gotten some big name actors to, naturally, demand a plan from Congress. Their gun control agenda is the same tired one that’s been kicked around for years and the focus on high capacity magazines seems to be more intense than ever.

The assumption holds that if you somehow limit the carrying capacity of magazines, it will prevent crazed mass-murdering shooters from racking up double or triple digit body counts. The reasoning behind this?  The shooter will have to constantly reload, of course. But how does that actually affect the shooter? Let’s consider a few things.

1) Do the rounds in 6 different magazines weigh more than rounds in 3 magazines?

2) How much does the reloading delay effect the shooter and his or her capability to kill?

3) Is it easier to obtain a dozen low capacity magazines or a few, specialty high capacity magazines without raising much suspicion?

Now, the answers to 1 and 3 are pretty self-evident, but what about point number 2? The idea is that if you delay a shooter to make them reload, you will save countless potential lives.

Well, the average reload time for a Glock or an AR-15 (both used in the Sandy Hook killings) is around two seconds. Two seconds. Most shootings last for several minutes, sometimes quite a bit longer. Two seconds is enough for the shooter to pause and re-aim at another target . The cold truth is that most shooters walk from area to area and carry multiple guns — two seconds is nothing to them and they will continue to swap guns and reload as they go about their brutal agenda of evil. The videos below further illustrate the hilarity that reloading slows down an active shooter with no opposition; if you are particularly practiced, you can cut it down to under one:

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Banning high capacity magazines does nothing positive and removes freedom

So, what does this ban give us? Nothing. What does it take from us? Liberty. It may not seem like much.  After all, it is just a frivolous ban on something most of us don’t use or care about.  But, it is very important. It’s always important to protect your freedom – even if it’s one that you don’t use, especially when there’s no sound evidence or science to support an outrageous claim because of emotional grief.

Yes, any mass murder is terrible and school shootings are especially heart-breaking, but selling out your liberty for the idea of safety is what the United States did after September 11th and why we have the Patriot Act and the TSA.

Are we really any safer? Or did we permanently trade away our liberties for more government control without gaining any real safety? If you want government-controlled safety, if you want a society where no one harms or even insults another, if you want a society where the government ordains a preset destiny for you to follow your life by — then clearly you do not belong in the United States of America as the founding fathers would have intended it to be.

With liberty comes excess. With liberty comes pain. With liberty comes chaos. It is a natural order and while these cold, idealistic words offer no comfort to those who have lost loved ones in senseless acts of evil — it is these ideals that many have fought and died for through our existence as a nation.

The victims of Sandy Hook died for the same reason that those in 9/11 did — for our freedom. Not all enemies of the US are foreign, not all target soldiers, and not all try to gain from it. Some are just evil who want to hurt us, and the way they hurt us is to use our own liberty against us and terrorize us into a state of perpetual fear.

Those twenty young kids who were brutally murdered in the coldest of blood were not killed by some high capacity magazines - they were killed because they were Americans with freedom and an evil, deranged lunatic took advantage of the freedoms we are given to wound us so deeply.

If we lived in a closed, 1984-esque society, then we are no longer the United States of America, where our freedoms are cherished and our liberties held dear. 

It’s easy to talk about freedom on a warm sunny evening waiting for the 4th of July fireworks to start. It becomes a bit tougher to do when a soldier dies in the line of duty. This time it was 20 young children and talking about freedom becomes a great deal harder when you are looking at a hysterical mother beating on the casket of her 7 year old son…but he is no less heroic than the soldier and these terrible sacrifices need to never go in vain. You owe it to the victims of Sandy Hook and every American before them to defend liberty at all costs.

Those two seconds of freedom has an ugly, terrible price. Let us never forget that.



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