Unemployment fraud largely ignored by media

A show of hands, please – how many knew of the nearly $3.3 billion the government overpaid in unemployment benefits due to fraudulent claims in fiscal year 2011 alone?  My guess … probably not many, and that is a large part of the problem of government corruption and how little Americans know of the true cost of our nation’s social entitlement layer of spending.  If knowing is half the battle, then we may have already lost.

Reported by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and largely ignored by the media, fraud accounted for billions of taxpayer dollars spent on claims made my people of all income levels, mostly due to unreported extraneous income that would have disqualified them from some, or all, of taxpayer benefits.  Americans – your friends and neighbors – are actively and intentionally gaming the system to extract more of your hard-earned tax dollars, and they are doing it right under your noses.  If you are a responsible adult who works for a living, you are getting screwed.  We are all getting screwed.



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