Voting begins in Colorado recall election after new gun laws

pic_giant_090913_SM_Democracy-in-ColoradoKeep a close eye on how anti-gun politicians do in Colorado as early recall voting has kicked off in two districts in the state.  Officially, the election does not begin until Tuesday.

The two senators who are facing recalls are John Morse of Colorado Springs and Angela Giron of Pueblo, both of whom supported strict (and largely unenforceable) gun control laws earlier in the year.   The recall election is the first in Colorado state history.

The recall election sends a serious message that enough people feel strongly enough about their constitutional right to keep and bear arms and are prepared to electorally fight their representatives – at a cost of nearly a half million dollars.  State residents have never voted in a recall election before, but anti-liberty gun controls have spawned the first ever vote.

Sheriffs statewide have soundly rejected the new laws, arguing they are extremely tough to enforce.  Some have refused to enforce them within their jurisdictions.  The laws restrict magazine limits to 15 rounds and expand background checks when purchasing guns, a motion that even another Democratic senator admits do nothing to prevent crime.




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