Wealth redistribution: why not give people jobs instead?

This nation has a chronic problem of entitlement – unemployment checks, welfare, SNAP, social security, medicaid/medicare, and the list goes on. The central core of this problem ultimately comes down to whether our nation simply gives people resources or makes them earn it.

So here’s my proposal: let’s do both. Give the assistance if people work jobs ascribed to them.

Obviously, there’s a catch to this as I’m a libertarian and you’re reading this on a reason-based, logic-driven news site.  I firmly believe that people will reject the idea of working if the government’s so-called “safety net” props up underachievement.

Instead of issuing monthly government checks, let’s start rebuilding our infrastructure of this nation by putting more teachers in schools, more local firefighters and police, and modernize hospitals.  Start rebuilding our nation by helping people find JOBS at various private companies – and pay them to do their jobs.

Give people jobs, not money.  Autonomy is critical to a productive workforce.  The feeling of empowerment and motivation are serious factors in positive economic production.  Government checks provide nothing but a feeling of entitlement and worthlessness.

Why wouldn’t anyone agree to this? If you can think of a reason then….why are you giving that same money to people right now?



Article written by Alex Ebadirad

Alex Ebadirad is a contributor and columnist to SmallGovTimes. He is a formally trained economist, a registered independent, and often aligns with classical libertarianism. When not being critical of politicians or policy, he can be found enjoying the culinary arts.

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