What makes America’s gun culture truly exceptional?

blade_of_grass_2298The Washington Post published an article last year offering a largely unanswered question: Why do the number of guns in the United States outweigh (by a long shot) the number of guns in other nations around the world?  What makes that number so unique to our nation?

The Post’s article is chalked full of statistics and graphs, each one carefully organized to clearly illustrate the exceptional number of gun owners in our nation.  “Americans don’t just have more guns that anyone else – 270 million privately held firearms. They also have the highest gun ownership per capita rate in the world, with an average of about nine guns for every 10 Americans,” the article said.

The Post gave no attempt to answer the question posed in the title of the article, but I will.  The answer to the question is simple: our Constitution makes the  United States truly unique in the civilized world.

Our Constitution guarantees certain “inalienable” rights to the people and limitations to the government.  One such right is the ability to keep and bear arms, a tenant so fundamentally essential to freedom that our founding fathers, fresh off of fighting a war for our independence, guaranteed it for every American generation to come.

Our nation owns guns because it is our constitutional right to do so.  The ability for law-abiding Americans to defend themselves, with deadly force if necessary, is second to none throughout the world.  And, for good reason.

Admiral Isoroku Yamamato of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II is quoted with saying, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

Indeed there would.



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