When kids shoot: The need for at-home gun safety

It seems the media, once again, is falling over themselves to push stories around the country of kids finding guns in the house and discharging them, injuring and sometimes killing other family members.  We have all heard of the 5-year old Kentucky boy who accidentally shot and killed his 2-year old sister.  Some may have heard the story of the 7-year old who accidentally shot himself in the head.  More stories are out there.

The moral of all these stories should, of course, be simple.  Guns are a right, but they should be treated like a responsibility. Gun safety is paramount for responsible gun ownership, and the importance grows 10-fold when kids are in the house.  Gun safety does not mean avoid the issue altogether and simply hope your kids never find your guns.  In fact, this is arguably irresponsible.

Instead, confront the issue.  If you have guns and kids in your house, show them your unloaded guns, and make sure the television and any other distraction is eliminated during this talk.  Teach them that guns can be dangerous if used improperly.  Show them that if they ever find a gun, you never, ever touch it or pick it up.  Do this often, monthly if you feel you have to.  Reinforce to your kids that guns have a purpose, and they are not toys.  The last thing you want, as a parent, is for your child to run across a gun and not know what it is.  Kids are curious…

Of course, never leave your kids unsupervised with guns, even if they are unloaded.  Once again, this reinforces to the child that responsible adults always need to be present when guns are available … always.  There are no exceptions to the rule, ever.  Loaded, unloaded, disassembled, whatever.  The only thing that stands between your child and a devastating mistake…is you.



4 thoughts on “When kids shoot: The need for at-home gun safety

  1. Great article, guns are meant to protect us yet some folks don’t secure thier weapons. Locking up guns not only keeps our children safe but prevents criminals from stealing them. It also keeps tragic incidents out of the misinformed media. Always retain control of your weapon, it’s one of the main rules of self defense.

  2. My kids were taught how to shoot from age 4. both got to fire w/mom and dads help. we showed them what guns could do both with watermelons and live animals at times when we went hunting. Because of this both kids never touched our weapons when they were left out. They would come and get us to move them if they were in the way. Now all the guns would be put away when other kids were there because we don’t know what other parents taught their kids. And before any one throws a fit. Kids were shooting at that age less than a hundred years ago and respected guns and any weapon.

  3. Thats correct..Being a responsible gun owner and educating and securing guns is definitely the answer to such mihaps.Just as there is driving lesson and classes before we are allowed to drive..or even after voilation of traffic rule..a proper awareness and teaching od adult as well as kids is quite necessary.Especially in a country with highest percentage of guns..

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