Why is government sponsoring sports teams and clubs?

Wednesday, the United States House of Representatives voted to continue funneling $10s of millions of taxpayer dollars in sponsorship of sports teams and clubs after a Democrat-sponsored push to end the funding.  With trillions of dollars in national debt being shouldered by the taxpayer already, I cannot help but remain confused what the House expects out of this baseless and wasteful government spending.

The government throws upwards of $70 million yearly towards sponsorships, including the National Guard NASCAR race car.  The National Guard spends over $21 million every year on these initiatives alone.  Supporters of the spending argue that it helps recruiting, while Democrats believe there is little evidence to tie this spending with any increase in participation in the armed forces.

156 Republicans voted to continue the spending, proving once again that both Democrats and the Republicans are very much a part of the problem of spending, and neither party has a consolidated stronghold over waste and abuse coming from our federal government.



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