Group responsible for FBI theft comes forward

FBI_Badge_&_gunThe New York Times published an article detailing the account of a group of antiwar dissidents more than 40 years ago and their plan to break into an FBI building in Pennsylvania.  Their plan was to uncover and publicize documents that directly prove FBI corruption.

Their plan worked.

The documents revealed the true motivations of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover at the time, who now has a building named in his honor.  Hoover’s intent was to scare those critical of the war effort, and “get the point across there is an F.B.I. agent behind every mailbox.”  How lovely.

The article details how meticulously the group planned the attack.  They spent months observing the office.  They memorized the schedules of residents in the area.  One of the group’s female members posed as a job hunter in search of opportunities at the FBI for women.  In truth, she was looking around inside the FBI building for apparent signs of a security system.

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Auburn police officer fired for resisting department’s quotas

Auburn, Alabama’s police force is facing scrutiny from freedom watchdog groups after one of its officers was fired for resisting heavy new quotas designed – according to the officer – to put people in jail and increase revenues.

Former Auburn police officer Justin Hanners claims that his department gave officers strict orders to “make contact” with at least 100 people per month.  Making contact means investigating, ticketing and arresting, and in a town of about 50,000 people, the requirement seemed a little bit more than extreme.

“I got into law enforcement to serve and protect, not be a bully,” said Hanners, who claims to have audio recordings of his superiors instructing officers to issue tickets and put people in jail.  “There are not that many speeders, there are not that many people running red lights to get those numbers, so what [the police] do is they lower their standards,” Hanners remarked.

Hanners consistently raised concern up his chain of command, believing the policy to be focused only on increasing revenue for the city.

According to a report, the superior officer that targeted Hanners for firing recently retired, citing medical reasons.

Poll worker indicted after voting for Obama six times in 2012

Article Highlights

  • Poll worker accused of voting at least six times in 2012 elections
  • May have committed voter fraud in two previous elections
  • Two other workers indicted at same time with more voter fraud

A so-called “veteran” poll worker was officially indicted this week with eight counts of voter fraud in the 2012 presidential election.  She admitted to voting for Barack Obama twice but has been accused of placing at least six different votes.

She is also charged with voter fraud in the 2008 and 2011 elections.  Two other poll workers have been charged separately with similar vote fraud accusations.

“Yes, I voted twice,” the Cincinnati poll worker said on camera, fearing that her vote would not count if she only voted once, like a typical law-abiding citizen.  She is accused of using an absentee ballot to vote through the mail along with her vote in-person on election day. Ohio county prosecutors said she has also been charged with voting under the names of at least five other people in previous elections.

This makes one wonder how legitimate any election really is in the United States.

Investigation finds FBI jets used for personal travel, costing millions

Article Highlights

  • Expensive Gulfstream jet used for extensive personal travel
  • $11 million spent over 5 years on non FBI-related expenses
  • 88 personal trips taken by Holder and Mukasey, Mueller adds 10
  • Read the official GAO report

According to an investigation released by the Government Accountability Office, the FBI’s Gulfstream jet, leased by the government to provide travel for global counterterrorism efforts, has been repeatedly misused for personal business travel by Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director Robert Mueller.

The jet costs taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars every time the wheels leave the ground.  The investigation found that between the years of 2007 and 2011, more than half of the jet’s logged hours were for non-mission related travel activities that cost taxpayers over $11 million.

A whopping 88 personal trips were taken by Holder and former Republican Attorney General Michael Mukasey.  Mueller added 10 personal trips to the count.

Traditionally, the government has required FBI officials to use government-operated jets to maintain security.  However, smaller and less expensive Citation jets are typically used.  Since 2007, Holder and Mueller opted instead for the much more luxurious, and far more expensive, Gulfstream for the majority of their personal travel.

The report added, “However, according to DOJ officials, while the AG has historically been required to use government aircraft for all types of travel, including personal travel, the FBI Director had, until 2011, the discretion to use commercial air service for his personal travel.”

Read the official GAO report.

Millions commit fraud to receive taxpayer-funded “Obama phone”

obama-phone-videoJust months after the federal government spent $2.2 billion in 2012 to fund a cellular phone subsidy program aimed at giving low-income Americans taxpayer-funded telephone services, tightened FCC rules have revealed that a whopping 41% of those who received “free” phone service could not substantiate eligibility for the program.

The “Lifeline Program” began in 1984 as a way to keep low-income people connected to family and emergency services.  The program was intended for those who meet federal poverty standards or currently receive food stamps, Medicaid or other taxpayer-funded handouts.

Until last year, telephone carriers were not required to verify the eligibility of those who applied for the phone subsidy.  It is only now, after the FCC tightened their rules and require eligibility verification, that the massive fraud – accounting for nearly half of those subscribed to the handout program – has been revealed to tax paying Americans.

The FCC now requires telephone carriers to verify eligibility and may impose fines of $150,000 per customer, per day for fraudulent use of the Lifeline program.  The FCC claims the new safeguards will save taxpayers $2 billion over the course of three years.