Gun control desperation sets in

Revolver-1-29H9TW5Y2P-800x600Gun Control groups are grasping at whatever faux straw is out there. Unfortunately the Navy Yard Shooting turned out to be a nightmare scenario for them. Let’s forget the fact that they jumped in the politicking bandwagon when they should have just express sorrow (or fake it which is more likely) and then wait at least till today to commence the Bravo Sierra. Continue reading

U.S. to Assad: Please use home grown, locally-sourced weapons

30syria3-span-articleLargeUnited States President Barack Obama has spoken loud and clear, and President Assad, you are officially on notice from the United States.  If you are going to ruthlessly kill your own people, use locally-sourced traditional weapons like rockets, mortars and bullets launched from tanks and sharp shooters, rather than chemical or biological weapons.  Apparently, that’s the humane thing to do. Continue reading

Before you insult Libertarians, at least try to understand them

Let’s be clear – I don’t expect everyone to be a Libertarian.  Just because so many of our founding fathers exhibited Libertarian principles that many of us continue to fight for today, I still do not expect everyone to climb on-board the solution-wagon and ride away into the sunset.  But, I would at least hope that those who oppose Libertarianism would do the rest of us a favor and actually understand it before criticizing it. Continue reading